Colossal squid caught by fishermen

AN adult colossal squid weighing an estimated 990lbs - the biggest ever found - has been caught and landed by New Zealand fishermen in Antarctic waters.

Study into viability of squid fishery

RESEARCH is under way to discover whether squid could become a viable commercial alternative for Scottish trawlermen, easing the pressure on fragile cod stocks and other threatened species.

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Giant squids are not on the skids

A JAPANESE research team has succeeded in getting the first footage of a giant squid and says the creatures may be more plentiful than was earlier thought.

Light breaks on the murky mythology of the giant squid

Captain Nemo would have liked it. While they are often portrayed as gargantuan sea monsters in nautical lore and science fiction, genuine sightings of giant squid - once regarded as the fabled Kraken - are thin on the ground. Hence the excitement which greeted last week's announcement that a Japanese research team had taken the first ever photographs of an adult giant squid in it's natural environment, at a depth of almost a kilometre.

Suckers for gay trysts, fiery females and rough sex - squid secrets exposed

RESEARCH by marine scientists has shed startling new light on the secret sex life of the giant squid, one of the most mysterious monsters of the world's deepest oceans.

Tasty tentacles

GIANT squid may have a taste for something other than sailors - each other.

Squid shocker

SHOCKWAVES from tests carried out by the Spanish navy have killed four giant squid, one the length of a bus, off Spain in the past few days, the head of a marine protection agency said yesterday.

Hard-hit crews could be squids in

FISHERMEN in the Moray Firth, facing rapidly dwindling white-fish quotas, are enjoying an unexpected catching boom - thanks to an "explosion" of squid in their waters.

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