Case study: 'It's great to know all the work and pain has paid off'

AS thousands of students received their exam results yesterday, many were delighted to find out they had achieved five As at Higher level.

Rogue space in computer file caused early results fiasco

THE release of 25,000 exam results a day early was caused by the addition of a single errant space on a computer file which ended up tripping the entire system and causing the information to be sent out by mistake, it emerged last night.

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Union picks a bad day to bury good exam news

EDUCATION secretary Mike Russell slapped down a leading teaching union last night after it used exam results day to warn that cutbacks and reforms to their members' working day will soon "undermine" education and prevent yesterday's record results from happening again.

Thousands of pupils caught in exam text blunder

EDUCATION secretary Michael Russell has demanded an urgent explanation for a blunder that saw nearly 30,000 exam candidates receive their results a day early, creating extra stress for those trying to get into university.

Case study: Surprise - then relief - as text message arrives out of the blue

MARK Eardley was of the 29,863 students to receive their exam results a day early.

Profile: Dr Janet Brown, chief executive of SQA

APPOINTED to the post of SQA chief executive in 2007, Dr Janet Brown's background was in the private sector, working in science and technology.

A less-than-glowing report card for SQA

TO SAY the SQA's handling of exam results had proved controversial in the past would be something of an understatement, given the events of 11 years ago when thousands of candidates received incomplete certificates, marks for exams they had not sat or no results at all.

Only 174 Scots pupils take new flagship qualification

SCOTLAND'S newest qualification, heralded as a major step forward in improving pupils' problem-solving skills, attracted only 174 entries in its second year, figures have revealed.

Hugh Reilly: 'For some it's a case of goodbye Edinburgh - hello Napier'

IN RECENT years, a university education has cost an arm and a leg but, if Sue Roff of the University of Dundee has her way, selling a single kidney should provide enough currency to pay off a student loan.

Plenty of options available for students who fall short of entry requirements

FOR those students who fall short of the offers given to them by universities or colleges today, there are plenty of options still available if they are still hoping to continue their education.

Race for university just got harder after record passes

STUDENTS who fall short of the required grades have been warned that they will struggle to get into their first-choice university as improved pass rates mean pupils with lower grades are unlikely to be considered.

George Kerevan: Could do better at stopping exam grade inflation

IN my day, in the Drumchapel of the 1960s, Higher results did not arrive by text message, a day early or otherwise.

Workers in limbo over delay in picking a SQA HQ site

STAFF at Scotland's exams quango are still waiting to hear where their new base will be, more than a year after a decision was due.

SQA plan overhaul of Scottsh Higher English exam

AN OVERHAUL of the Higher English exam is to be introduced next year, qualifications chiefs confirmed today.

SQA chief defiant after McConnell demands he quit

THE new chairman of the Scottish Qualifications Authority has refused to step down after Jack McConnell, the former first minister, said he was unsuitable for the job.

Cronyism row after Nat made SQA chief

THE SNP has been accused of cronyism after appointing party member Graham Houston to chair the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

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