Video: Scotland vow to bounce back after Rugby 7s

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ONE of Scotland’s most experienced sevens players, Scott Riddell, admitted that it will take some time to bury the disappointment of failing to achieve a medal in the Commonwealth Games, but insists that Scotland players should still feature in Olympic squad.

Riddell - who led the team in the crucial 17-14 defeat to New Zealand - insists that Scottish sevens will benefit, not least from the unprecedented show of support for the sport in the new venue of Ibrox Stadium, and that Scottish players remains good as any in the United Kingdom.

England have been chosen as the team to claim Great Britain’s spot in the historic first rugby sevens event of the Olympics, at Rio in 2016, but once the place is secure coaches will come together to choose a squad from England, Wales and Scotland. Riddell explains how this will work as he reflects on the Ibrox weekend.




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