Six Nations: Scotland ‘rubbish’, says Kenny Logan

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FORMER Scotland international Kenny Logan has described the performances of Scott Johnson’s side so far in the tournament as “rubbish”.

Logan said: “They’ve not been good. We’ve lacked any vision, our lineout’s been poor, our scrum’s been poor, our ball presentation’s been poor. All the things that used to be good.”

Logan also hit out at Johnson’s selection policies, and the decisions to drop several high-profile players including Richie Gray and captain Kelly Brown.

Logan said: “I don’t think he’s got an idea of what he’s doing with selection. He finished with the right team against Italy, but we shouldn’t be thinking we have to beat Italy in order to have a successful season.

“We’ve managed to ‘not get’ the wooden spoon, which is not good enough. There’s a lot of good players there, and the coaching’s key to Scotland.”

Despite this, Logan predicted a one-point Scottish win against France this weekend.

• Kenny Logan was speaking exclusively at an event hosted by QBE, official insurance partner of England Rugby. For more great rugby videos and interviews, go to: and follow @QBErugby on Twitter.


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