Exiles earn promotion in England

LONDON Scottish beat Staines 32-10 on Saturday to become champions of London League 1, securing promotion back to the English national leagues after a ten-year absence.

Scottish scored five tries to one to clinch top spot in a closely fought London League 1 and reclaim their place in the English national set-up for the first time since the club were placed into administration and relegated from the Premiership in the 1998/1999 season.

Former Scotland player Kenny Logan, who played for London Scottish in the 2006 season as part of a sponsorship deal, said of the historic promotion: "It's a fantastic achievement. London Scottish is a massive rugby name and they deserve to be back in the national leagues. I look forward to supporting them climb even higher."

General manager Nick Evans added: "It's the culmination of years of hard work by many people and a great achievement. London Scottish are back yet we've never been away."


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