Unified Scots amateur golf body moves forward


THE bid to create a unified body to run Scottish amateur golf has finally moved a step forward after deliberate behind-the-scenes discussions lasting 15 months.

A consulation document prepared by a ‘Joint-Working Group’ representing the SGU and SLGA has been distributed to clubs, Areas and Counties for consideration, with the hope that a vote on the proposal will be taken in less than a year’s time.

The long-awaited resurrection of the proposal, which was comprehensively voted down by the Areas first time around, was revealed in a joint-statement issued by SGU Tom Craig and his SLGA counterpart, Beth Paterson.

It read: “We feel that significant progress has been made in producing the ‘Consultation Proposal’ and the right approach is being taken by consulting widely at this time.

“The Joint Working Group is not saying it’s a final document, but we believe it covers the key areas required and highlights the importance of amalgamating the two bodies.

“We appreciate it has taken us time to reach this stage, however we are committed to the long term future of our game’s governance.

“Amateur golf is the largest participant membership based sport in Scotland and there is no other sports governing body in Scotland which maintains gender segregation.

“Amalgamation will enable Scottish golf to become a mutually supportive partnership among clubs, Areas, Counties, board and staff; all for the greater good of club members and the game we love.”




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