Rumour Mill: Paul Hartley | Francisco Sandaza

Paul Hartley: Wants Rangers back in SPL. Picture: SNS

Paul Hartley: Wants Rangers back in SPL. Picture: SNS

FORMER Celtic midfielder Paul Hartley calls on Rangers to be fast-tracked back to the SPL, and Francisco Sandaza is sacked by Rangers for discussing his contract in a hoax call

Paul Hartley wants Rangers back in SPL

Paul Hartley has called on Rangers to be fast-tracked to the SPL for the good of the game. The Alloa manager admitted the move would be divisive, but hit out at the uncertainty surrounding ongoing discussions regarding league reconstruction that he said was affecting his own team’s plans for the future.

The former Celtic midfielder said: “When I was at Celtic the title went down to the last day twice - but the standard has dropped over the last few years, so we need to do something to make it better.

“The Old Firm are the major selling point and we need to get that back for a start. It was a big call to deny Rangers entry into the top flight and I don’t think it was the right one.”

He added: “It will take someone brave enough to put Rangers back in, but I don’t know who that person is.” (The Sun)

Francisco Sandaza sacked by Rangers after hoax call

Rangers have sacked striker Francisco Sandaza following a club probe into a hoax call. Sandaza was found guilty of breach of contract after a recording emerged on the internet of him discussing his Ibrox contract with someone purporting to be an agent.

“Rangers announced today that the club has decided to terminate its contract with Francisco Sandaza. The player has been advised of the situation,” read a statement on the club’s website.

The statement continued: “Francisco spoke at length to someone posing as an agent and engaged in a conversation which the club believes to be a material breach of his contract of employment. The player was suspended but, after careful consideration and a hearing with Francisco and his representatives, the club and our advisors, believe that dismissal is the appropriate course of action.

“The termination is subject to the right of appeal under SFL rules and there will be no further comment from Rangers.” (The Scotsman)

Andy McLaren calls on SFA for grassroots scheme support

Former Dundee United star Andy McLaren has urged SFA bosses to back his award-winning grassroots football project. McLaren runs A&M Training, a scheme which works with children from underprivileged backgrounds. Arguing that A&M would deliver better value for money than the league’s seven regional performance schools, McLaren said: “We’re just a wee company but I’ve never seen an SFA coach in the four years I’ve been doing this.

“It costs us £125 to look after each kid for a year. The SFA can put their money into elite kids and maybe get one player to show for it.

“If they support a project like this for half the money they could get five or six because youngsters develop at different stages.” (Daily Record)




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