Palermo axe Kyle Lafferty over womanising claims

Lafferty has been declared 'unmanageable' by his Palermo coach. Picture: Ian Rutherford

Lafferty has been declared 'unmanageable' by his Palermo coach. Picture: Ian Rutherford

EX-RANGERS star Kyle Lafferty has been axed by Palermo over claims he is ‘unmanageable’ by the club’s president following repeated womanising claims.

The striker has been reported by the club to disappear for up to a week at a time to chase women, while Palermo president Maurizo Zamparini told the Sun that team coach Guiseppe Iachini had lost patience trying to curb the Northern Irishman’s antics.

The chairman then decided enough was enough and dropped Lafferty after just one season at the Italian second division club.

The news comes just two months after Lafferty was dumped by his wife Nicola Mimnagh after he was caught sending texts to another woman.

Palermo chairman Zamparini said: “Why was Lafferty sold? It was requested by my coach who asked me to send him away. He is a womaniser - he disappears for a week, takes a plane to go hunt for women in Milan. His behaviour is unmanageable. I asked Iachini to straighten him out but he told me can’t. Kyle’s an Irishman without rules.”

Lafferty, who is now a target for Norwich city, had a stint at FC Sion before signing for Palermo, after leaving Rangers in 2012.


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