Goian rethinks future in wake of decision

THE decision to banish Rangers to the Third Division appears to have prompted a rethink from Dorin Goian over his apparent pledge to remain with the Ibrox club.

The Romanian internationalist was one of the few high-profile players who had signalled his intent to remain in Glasgow despite seeing a host of teammates opt to walk out on the financially-stricken club.

But in the wake of, yesterday’s decision, Goian was quoted by Romanian media saying: “There’s no way I’m playing that low, I have to find a solution. It’s very sad to leave Rangers, I was settled here, had a great life. Unfortunately I can’t go on. I can’t believe this is happening, my daughter was supposed to go to school here. It’s a terrible decision to leave. I’m flying to Scotland tomorrow, that’s the agreement I have with Mr McCoist. We’ll see what else can be done.”

His agent Florin Manea is reported to have added: “He will not play in Division Three. Great offers keep coming to me after the news broke out. I already started negotiations with some important clubs, you’ll find out his next team in the next few days”




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