Video: Freestyle footballer shows off his skills

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MOST of us are happy to complete a few keepie-uppies without dropping the ball but Andrew Henderson likes to take things a little further.

The 21-year-old is the reigning World Freestlye Football Champion, and has held the title of the UK’s freestyle champions for four years running.

A native of Cornwall, Andrew brought his skills north of the Border ahead of the Scottish Cup final on 17 May between St Johnstone and Dundee United.

Taking the old trophy on a tour of Glasgow, Perth and Dundee, Andrew showed up at McDiarmid Park, Tannadice and Celtic Park, where he showcased his incredible skills.

From somersaulting while performing keepie-uppies, to hanging off the crossbar while juggling the ball with his feet, Andrew has a wealth of breathtaking skills which he showed off on the streets of Glasgow city centre as well.




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