Charles Green does ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’

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FORMER Rangers chief executive Charles Green has taken part in the internet phenomenon ‘The Ice Bucket Challenge’, and then requested that Celtic’s Peter Lawwell follow his lead.

Wearing a Rangers training top, Green introduces the video by thanking Allan McGregor for the nomination before challenging the Celtic Park chief executive and Sky Sports presenter Jim White to do likewise.

“I’d like to thank Allan McGregor for putting my name forward for this worthy charity,” said Green, “and I’d like to nominate Peter Lawwell and Jim White at Sky, who I know would love to contribute to charity.”

The Yorkshire businessman, who also has a home in France, then has one bucket thrown over him by a girl in a pink hoodie, before dousing himself with the second bucket.

People from across the western world have been taking part in the activity in order to raise money for charity.

It involves a nominated individual having at least two buckets of ice cold water dumped over their head.

The Ice Bucket Challenge became popular in the United States in order to raise money for motor neurone disease (or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis as it is called in the US).

It has since spread to the UK where people have begun raising awareness for MacMillan Cancer Support.




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