Lawwell vows to tackle Celtic fans' IRA chants

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CELTIC chief executive Peter Lawwell admits that the club have little control over sectarian chanting at away grounds after the "embarrassing" events at Hearts last week, when supporters of the club appeared to ignore recent UEFA concern over discriminatory chanting.

Lawwell insists the problem has been virtually eradicated among fans within Celtic Park on match days. But the Glasgow club will now meet with officials at other grounds to stamp out sectarianism from "idiots".

Lawwell told Scotland on Sunday: "We have made great strides at Celtic Park and anyone who comes here will not leave with the view that sectarian singing is prevalent.

"You will always have some idiots, but, at Celtic Park, it has reached a margin for error that is difficult to wipe out. The problem is 99 per cent resolved at our home games.

"The issue we have is the away support and songs sung in support of the Provisional IRA. These are unacceptable and offensive and last Sunday was embarrassing. They are not overtly sectarian songs, they are political songs that have no place at football.

"We will be addressing that. One of the reasons the away support is still an issue is that it is not within our jurisdiction. You need the local police forces and stewarding to identify and then police or eject supporters, or identify to us those that are creating the problem.

"We have ideas about how we can co-operate better with the local authorities that we are going to take to them. I do not think it is a massive problem, however."