Driver must confirm his Scots dream

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GEORGE BURLEY has told Andrew Driver the ball is in his court if he wants to play for Scotland.

The Hearts winger is now eligible for selection after Scottish Football Association chief executive Gordon Smith succeeded in his bid to change the home nations' selection criteria. The agreement has now been amended so players, whose only tie, excluding birth, to a country is attending school there for five years, can now pay for their adopted nation.

Hearts winger Driver, 21, was born in Lancashire but moved to Scotland as a child, representing them at schoolboy level.

Until now, he was ineligible for the full national team and was snapped up by the England Under-21 team earlier this year.

He has previously stated he would love to play for Scotland, who now look let to pursue that option.

But national team boss Burley wants Driver to emulate Celtic left-back Danny Fox by making the first move. He said: "You need to be convinced a player wants to play for the country. But, if they're available, I've got to look at it.

"At the end of the day, the boy has got to come forward. Danny Fox came forward and if you qualify then we'll look at it."

Meanwhile, Burley has urged the Old Firm not to quit the SPL.

Burley said: "What a huge loss it would be for the league if they left it. I want the Scottish league to be as strong as possible – that means Rangers and Celtic in it. I want them to stay. I've always felt that way and always will."