Doncaster outlines proposals to SFL clubs

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SPL chief executive Neil Doncaster has met with all 30 Scottish Football League clubs to present proposals for league reconstruction.

Doncaster addressed representatives from member clubs for the first time at Hampden on Wednesday to outline radical plans to reduce the current top-flight from 12 to ten teams and create a ten-team SPL2, which would benefit from a greater share of wealth.

The current top-flight sides have been involved in discussions but the meeting was a chance for lower league chairmen to grill Doncaster over the proposals face-to-face.

First Division clubs would be set to benefit from the plans with the offer of cash being more evenly distributed among the top two tiers, while teams further down the pyramid could be affected by plans to regionalise the leagues.

The idea of SPL clubs being allowed to field 'B' teams in the bottom leagues has also been broached by top-flight administrators.

Raith Rovers chairman Dave Somerville, whose side currently lead the First Division, was at Hampden and was grateful Doncaster spelt out in detail what the changes would mean.

He said: "It was a discussion on what is likely to happen if league reconstruction goes ahead and it was an excellent presentation from Neil Doncaster, although there was no great surprise in what was said given what has already been reported.

"What you will find is that when proposals get put forward it raises a number of questions and the first issue for the SPL is to get the support for the proposals.

"There is dialogue between the SFL and the SPL about the way forward as the SPL can only take it so far. Overall, I think people were genuinely positive about it.

"It was an information-giving exercise and we were not asked to vote or anything like that."

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