Spooky stories

Spooky stories

Ghost hunting in Linlithgow Palace

IT'S a bitterly cold October evening a few weeks shy of Halloween in Linlithgow.

Voices of the dead and ghostly orbs of light 'prove airbase is haunted'

PARANORMAL researchers claim to have uncovered proof that there really are ghostly goings on at the stretch of the Angus coast where the Royal Flying Corps established Britain's first operational military airfield.

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Video: The ghostly history of Edinburgh's Greyfriars Kirkyard

Greyfriars Kirkyard's rich history makes it a magnet for tourists to Scotland's capital ever keen to be snapped next to the grave of the legendary Greyfriars Bobby and find out more about the place's chequered and sometimes dark past.

TV psychic stages bid to contact Usher Hall ghosts

ONE of American TV's most famous mediums is preparing to pit her wits against a ghostly presence in the Capital.

Ten of Scotland's most haunted hotels

With their luscious green gardens, seemingly endless banqueting halls and countless bedrooms it is unsurprising that many of Scotland's best-known castles are now luxury hotels. But have some of their previous occupants, who have witnessed the colourful and sometimes gory elements of their past , remained to haunt the hotel guests that now frequent their former homes? Here we take a glance at some of the country's hotels noted for their supernatural sightings.

Ghost hunting in Edinburgh's South Bridge vaults

It's just past midnight on a bitterly cold evening in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town, an icy wind nips the finger-tips while wild screams fire back and forth along the Cowgate as stumbling figures stagger into the darkness under South Bridge.

Seen a ghost?

A couple of years ago, a tourist from Minnesota visiting Ballindalloch Castle came across Clare Macpherson-Grant Russell, the Lady Laird, in one of the corridors, and stopped her to ask if she'd seen the beautiful lady in the pink crinoline dress who lingered in one of the rooms. "You should know about her," he said. "She's a relative of yours from 1750. Her child died aged five, and when you moved to the castle at the same age she mistook you for her long-lost infant."

Old school spirit refuses to die away

NO-ONE could remember the last time a living human soul had ventured there. Certainly, it's been closed off to the public for more than 100 years - though few of the tourists and residents trundling past on their way to the Castle would even be aware of its existence.

Ghoul vibrations

EVER had the feeling that someone just walked over your grave? Ever sensed an eerie presence nearby that made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up? Don't worry, if you live in the capital these experiences are easily explained - for Edinburgh is perhaps the most haunted city in the world, its past blacker than murkiest black.

Ghost hunters in search for 100% proof spirit at the bar

SCEPTICS would dismiss the shadow that traversed Glasgow's oldest bar at 3.35am yesterday as no more than a trick of the light.

Priest bids to count ghost out

THEY may be more used to dealing with superannuation than the supernatural, but a Scottish financial advice firm has been forced to call in a priest after being targeted by a suspected ghost.

Spirited efforts to find spooks

A STRANGE light is swirling in the dark rain-filled sky above Hailes Castle. Beneath it, four shadowy figures emerge through the gloom next to a ruined tower, their faces obscured in the dark of the night.

TV show on ghost hunt at Capital haunts

TELEVISION ghosthunters are to investigate some of the Capital's most haunted places in three special live programmes leading up to Hallowe'en.

Moat haunted

WITH hundreds of years of feuds, battles, murders, curses and broken love affairs, it is no surprise that Scottish castles have more than their fair share of ghost stories. Whether or not you believe them, the tales of Scotland's haunted castles throw up some fascinating glimpses of the past.

TV star set to haunt graveyard

THE star of TV show Most Haunted is coming to Edinburgh to try to fine evidence of one of the city's most notorious poltergeists.

City books in Ghost Tour

A STAR of paranormal TV show Most Haunted is coming to Edinburgh.

Close to having ghostly evening

STORIES of headless horsemen . . . wandering spectres . . . foul apparitions . . . everyone likes to be scared by tales of the unexpected and the paranormal.

Ghost hunters to gather at haunted close

A PARANORMAL conference is to take place in one of Edinburgh's most haunted locations.

Mediums in spook search

A TEAM of ghost hunters is set to investigate a 15th century tower in Edinburgh to see if it is haunted.

Culloden home to spookiest car park

A CAR park at Edinburgh Airport has been chosen as the third-best in Britain, while one at Culloden Moor has been placed tenth - and also the most haunted.

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