Spectrum wedding special

Spectrum wedding special

Add sparkle to a special day

CLEVER marketing, brand-building and its own innate qualities have combined to make champagne the ultimate sparkling wine for a special celebration. Its dancing bubbles enable the alcohol to be absorbed more swiftly into the bloodstream so that the feeling of warm well-being engulfs the drinker much more quickly. Just right for a big day - and what day is bigger than a wedding?

Let them eat cake

AFTER 21 years in the cake-making business, what Evelyn Hogwarth doesn’t know about wedding cakes wouldn’t fill a fruit fancy. From the intricacies of sugar paste to the technical know-how of multi-tier cake construction, she has literally put the icing on the cake for more weddings than most ministers would care to remember.

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Say ‘I do’ with flowers

IT SEEMS like such an overworked cliche, but Scotland really can pride itself on having some of the most beautiful gardens in the world and now that the laws have changed, allowing marriages to take place almost anywhere, brides and grooms can take full advantage of what’s on offer.

Vow to be different

WEDDING organiser Janis Maclean, director of Highland Wedding Belles, has been noting trends in marriage locations since she started in business four years ago, progressing from the more quirky - the mountaintops and deserted ruins - to the comparatively traditional environs of castles and chapels.

Picture perfect

MOST of your wedding plans will focus on the practical details, but take care not to neglect yourself in the process. Preparing yourself physically and mentally can make the difference between a stress-filled wedding and a day that’s enjoyable on every level.

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