Spectrum sex special

Spectrum sex special

Everything you want to know about orgasm but are afraid to ask

How to reach an orgasm, what it is, how long it takes and even how many calories they burn - all this in our handy ten point guide.

The elusive orgasm has remained something of a mystery - until now

IN THE decades since Mick Jagger spoke up for a generation that wasn't getting any satisfaction, we've undergone a sexual revolution that has seen us embrace the contraceptive pill, abortion on demand, the morning after pill and the ubiquitous presence of sex shops on our high streets.

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Doctor Feelgood

How long should an erect penis be? Mine is just over six inches. Should I be thinking about surgery?

The sex addict

MY sex addiction started with internet pornography. At first I would just have the odd look, but after a while it became relentless. If I had the day off work I would end up spending the whole day on the computer in a trance.

Sunday supplement

TO BOOST your libido, try fleece flower root, an ancient Chinese herb that is said to promote virility. For more information, book an appointment with Ailsa Lauchlan, an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with a special interest in fertility. She practises at the shop every Tuesday.

The lap dancer

When I was 18, I decided I wanted to be a lap-dancer, but I chickened out. I went to Telford College and did an HNC in dance instead. My chance came a few years later when a friend opened up Hooters, a lap-dancing club in Edinburgh's West Port, and asked if I wanted a job. For the first two weeks I was really nervous, but I fitted in quickly.

The long-term couple

I THINK the secret to a happy marriage is to marry someone you really know. My wife and I met in our late teens, and although we weren't living in each others pockets we shared many life-shaping experiences.

Sex toys

ATTITUDES towards sex have changed in the last 25 years, and Ann Summers has been part of that. It's hard to believe it, but up until the 1980s it was widely thought that men enjoyed sex and women put up with it to keep them happy. That's changed so much now, although there are still some people with old-fashioned ideas.

The price is right

Under £700

The celibate

I MET my girlfriend through an internet dating site and we have decided we won't sleep together before marriage. It seems like everyone nowadays sleeps with each other straightaway, and both of us just liked the idea of waiting. We've been together for six months - and I don't know if we will get married, but it's working so far.

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