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P&O Ferries- Causeway Coast and Glen

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Ireland has always been a popular holiday destination from Scotland and - P&O Ferries is making it even more attractive with its crossings from Troon and Cairnryan into Larne, which offer the shortest, fastest routes available. The services and ships covering this route reflect the company’s ongoing investment of more than £20 million on its Irish Sea ships and ports, in response to a customer survey which covered everything from timetables to menus. All three ships are being given a complete redesign throughout, with great new features such as priority loading and unloading options plus the chance to upgrade to Club Lounge to enjoy a touch of luxury and tranquility. A trolley service means customers don’t even have to leave their seats, though there is also the choice of enjoying the restaurants with their new range of menus featuring delicious locally-sourced food and the best Costa coffee, or a stiff drink and snack in the updated bars. The Bureau de Change allows for easy financial transactions and there are always bargains to be found on the onboard shop. Family travel has been made infinitely easier with plenty to keep the kids entertained, from activity packs to entertainers at peak times.

Now that the journey is so simple, straightforward and enjoyable, it’s time to concentrate on the holiday delights ahead, with the Causeway Coastal Route proving to be an endlessly popular draw. This area manages to appeal to everyone, irrespective of what kind of holiday they have in mind, whether family fun, shopping and spa or spine-tingling myths and legends. The route is an odyssey of astonishing natural landscapes, from patchwork hills, mountain streams and waterfalls to a dazzling coastal road with majestic cliffs, golden sands and the unique glory that is the Giant's Causeway where 40,000, predominantly six-sided, basalt columns create an eerie landscape jutting into the ocean. The Causeway Coastal Route has been designed to help plan a personalised way around the region. Follow it in full and wend your way around most of the major attractions or dip in and out of the route, with all the details provided for sourcing accommodation or organising a tour covering a particular interest, including history, art, distilleries, castles and spellbinding views. Accommodation in the Causeway Coast is as varied as the region itself, covering everything from hostels right through to luxury hotels, with something to suit every taste and budget.

The latest tour is the three-day Game of Thrones itinerary, a voyage of discovery that lets you experience the fantasy world of author George R.R. Martin for yourself. Plotting a path through the scenic splendour of the Seven Kingdoms, it takes you to where so many of the pivotal scenes of HBO’s award-winning television series were shot. Game of Thrones combines the cut and thrust of medieval warfare with murder, mysticism and intrigue and the battle for control of The Iron Throne which rules over the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros has captured the imagination of fans world wide, revelling in every twist and turn of the storyline. The makers of Game of Thrones chose the breathtaking backdrop of Northern Ireland for this captivating tale, with extensive filming along the stunning Causeway Coast and Glens representing everything from Winterfell to the King’s Road, The Iron Islands to Stormlands. Now you too can stand on the spot where various members of the House of Lannister schemed, stroll in the footsteps of the Stark family and gaze on grasslands crossed by the Dothraki horde.

The Game of Thrones itinerary not only brings to life the drama of the series, but also provides a front row seat at locations steeped in local myth and legend, where ancient warriors walked long before leading men. Step on to a set like no other, where you can indulge your fascination for Game of Thrones, investigate what the Causeway Coast and Glens has to offer and still have time to enjoy the sort of hospitality for which this small corner of the globe is famed. P&O Ferries makes this the easiest of holiday destinations, with the couple of hours spent aboard the ferries the most welcoming start to a holiday like no other, promising an experience and memories that will last a lifetime.



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