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Five benefits to spending Christmas in Scotland

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It comes as no surprise that Scotland is a popular place to spend the Christmas holidays. It’s certainly a great destination to opt for if you’re looking for the best of both worlds – a mix of city and serenity. It’s also a common place to take the entire family, as there is something to suit all, regardless of age.

Here are our top five benefits of spending Christmas up north:

1. Stay in a country-style hotel

For many, Christmas at home can seem like a chore – trying to keep on top of the forever mounting household tasks while catering to the needs of friends, family and children is an inconvenience for anyone.

Being responsible for everything from putting up the tree to keeping the house warm and cosy can mean Christmas becomes less of an enjoyable time and more of a stressful affair. However, booking everyone into a country hotel in a serene location where your needs are looked after by others can be the perfect solution.

There are a number of exceptional hotels to choose from in Scotland, many of which can be found online.

If you wish to book using the internet, it’s always wise to use a credit card, especially if you’re paying a large sum of money. If you don’t already have one, you may like to apply for a free credit report by booking an appointment with an Experian Credit Expert and see what your credit card options are.

2. Take a trip to the theatre

There are a number of theatres in and around the Scottish area, many of which put on an abundance of Christmas showings during the festive season.

The Royal Lyceum Theatre is currently showing their own version of A Christmas Carol which is to be staged by Suzan Boyle’s vocal director.

3. Enjoy peace and quiet

From meandering around the many picturesque Glens to finding an abundance of cosy quaint pubs, Scotland is big on nature and that is one of the reasons many choose to use it as place to escape from a busy city life and hectic work schedules.

As Christmas is the one time of year that most have a week or two to spare, it’s certainly wise to book a country cottage, trip or hotel experience in advance.

4. Go to a gig

Many are already aware of the wealth of stylish bands from Brooklyn making their mark in the Indie world. Both the Scottish cities of Glasgow and Edinburgh are great places to venture if you wish to catch one of these bands in action. Visit the Mono is Glasgow and Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh for a memorable gig performance.

5. Stock up on Christmas treats

Although Scotland boasts an abundance of picturesque scenery and nature, it’s also home to several thriving cities and towns; Edinburgh and Glasgow being two of the most famous.

If you wish to stock up on last minute stocking fillers or simply admire the many attractive Christmas window displays, then Scotland is definitely the place to go. From delicious biscuits to Scottish whiskey and other delicacies, you’ll find plenty to warm your cockles here!


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