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Essential technology your home needs for 2013

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There’s no denying it, technology is a fundamental part of 21st century living, and it looks as if it’s here to stay. It’s not about VCRs and vinyl anymore granddad; if you intend on embracing modern living then you need to spring clean your home of any electrical antiques and invest in some modern technology. Unsure where to start? From air conditioning to 3D TVs, here’s what we believe your house needs for 2013.

We’ve all experienced that feeling abroad, when the heat is so intense that you and the hotel air conditioner become inseparable. Well, imagine if you could experience this at home too? Now, we know what you’re thinking… Especially in the aftermath of the horrible winter weather, the prospect of Great Britain having a heatwave seems unlikely, but it will happen! And the beauty of air conditioning these days is that it’s perfect for rain or shine. You could always buy an air conditioner to warm your home as you wait for those summer months to finally arrive. Lovely.

Due to the influx of 3D films hitting our cinema screens, 3D TVs have now become a typical feature of the living room. Taking the viewing experience to the next level, families are no longer forced to cram around an analogue TV with just a few channels to choose from. Now you can witness football matches and wildlife documentaries as if you were actually there! Producing sharper and clearer images like you’ve never seen before, 3D TV is definitely the way forward, and although you may not find the glasses you have to wear very fetching, you’ll certainly appreciate the quality!

Virtual views
As you’ve probably realised, living in the UK can be a bit grim. It doesn’t rain but it pours, as they say, and after a long day at work sometimes it’s the last thing you want to see. You wish you could be whisked away to paradise… palm trees, blues skies and stunning landscapes; living the dream. Well, thanks to the Sky Factory, you can have the next best thing… virtual views! Providing everything from serene lakes, to gentle streams, there are plenty of ways in which you can avoid staring at your neighbours all day.

The epitome of convenience, the iPad has everything you could ask for, all at the touch of a small screen. Wave goodbye to laptops, as these gadgets are, without doubt, making their mark in world technology. Loved for their simplicity as well as high quality, the iPad offers you the chance to not only surf the web and take pictures, but to also video chat, read books and even play the piano; what’s not to love?


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