Spam messages

Spam messages

Double spam with our chips this year

INTERNET users in the UK receive 20 billion spam e-mails every day - twice as much junk mail than a year ago, according to a new report.

'Who'd be stupid enough to believe Oksana was real, instead of a Russian Mafioso?'

'HELLO, I am Oksana. Am good girl seeking man of dream. In summer I love to float, to remove all superfluous clothes and feel impacts of wind on my leather."

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The spam busters

THE swindlers who bombard us with e- mail spam scams didn’t know what they were taking on when they began corresponding with Bob Servant. The fictional creation of Scottish writer Neil Forsyth, Servant ran rings around so- called African lawyers, lonely Russian women and Nigerian tribal chiefs, and his e- mail exchanges are published in a book, Delete This at Your Peril, next week.

Plea to Holyrood not to ban junk mail

BUSINESSES will this week urge the Scottish Government not to cave in to demands by campaign groups to ban junk mail.

Spam is a daily diet for computers - but beware its sinister side

IT'S a fortunate person who doesn't have to deal with the problem of junk or virus e-mail today. Most of us encounter spam on a daily basis on our PCs in the office or at home. For some it's merely a nuisance, but for others it is far more sinister - in some cases it's criminals trying to steal your identity or hack into your system.

Spam e-mails show relentless rise

THE number of spam e-mails has reached record levels, with nine out of ten messages being junk, a survey has found.

Site launching to fight spam

AN Edinburgh internet expert, who has won a historic legal victory over e-mail spammers, is launching a website to help people fight unwanted junk mail.

Postie's junk mail crusade

THE actions of a rebel postman who told customers how to avoid getting junk mail has led to more than 200,000 people signing up to opt-out schemes.

Inboxes groan under weight of billions of bogus e-mails

EVERY day, 1.5 million e-mails are sent to staff and students at Edinburgh University from the outside world - but only 125,000 of those prove to be genuine.

Third of UK companies flout law on junk email

A THIRD of British companies are breaking the UK's laws on junk email, according to a new study.

Internet phone users face a Spit of bother

FIRST there was Spam, now there is Spit.

Mass marketing scams hit half of British population

MORE than half of Britons over the age of 15 have been targeted by mass marketing scams, the Office of Fair Trading revealed today.

550,000 tonnes of junk mail hit UK doormats

THE tide of junk mail that flows through British letterboxes every day has been put at more than 21 billion items a year.

Businessman in landmark legal win against scourge of internet 'spam'

A BUSINESSMAN has won what is believed to be the first victory of its kind by claiming damages from a company which sent him e-mail spam.

Spam tsar sends out unwanted message admitting defeat in war on junk e-mail

THE government's "Spam tsar" is running up the white flag in the war against junk e-mail, warning that the only way to stop unwanted messages is to buy blocking software for computers.

Spam fritters money away for small businesses

UNSOLICITED faxes, e-mails and computer viruses are hitting the pockets of small businesses across the UK, according to research by Bank of Scotland Business Banking.

'Phishers' try to hook half of internet users with spam e-mails

ALMOST half of internet users have received spam e-mails aimed at tricking them into revealing personal information, according to research published today.

Spammer off to slammer

A MAN has been jailed for nine years for sending millions of junk e-mails, or "spamming".

Con artist faces jail term for sending millions of e-mails

A MAN who sent millions of junk e-mails offering phoney get-rich schemes is facing nine years in prison after becoming the first person in the United States to be convicted under tough new anti-spam laws.

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