Spain's disputed islands

Spain's disputed islands

Spain, Britain and Gibraltar set to seal agreement

BRITAIN and Spain hope to seal a historic deal over the disputed Rock of Gibraltar next month, resolving disagreements that have soured relations for decades, officials said yesterday.

Rock on a roll

SPAIN’S Socialist government has stepped up efforts to improve relations with Gibraltar, the rock’s chief minister said yesterday.

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Rock residents delight Hoon

GEOFF Hoon, the Defence Secretary, yesterday said he was delighted with a demonstration by the people of Gibraltar to celebrate the rock’s status as a British territory.

Gibraltar's celebrations rock Spain

IT HAS tainted British-Spanish relations since it was seized three centuries ago and as Gibraltar prepared to celebrate the 300th anniversary of its capture by the British today the two countries were again locked in a diplomatic spat over the colony.

Straw refuses to recognise Gibraltar referendum

LABOUR faced a furious backlash from union leaders and its own backbenchers yesterday after the Foreign Office said it would refuse to recognise the result of an unofficial referendum on the future of Gibraltar.

Spain tightens grip on Perejil

SPAIN reinforced its troops yesterday on a barren rock just a stone’s throw from the North African coast, and said its troops would leave Perejil only if Morocco promised not to occupy it again.

Rabat defiant after Spain recaptures disputed isle

SPAIN yesterday captured six sleepy Moroccan soldiers and regained control of the tiny, disputed island of Perejil after sending its special forces on a bloodless dawn assault of the rocky outcrop in the Straits of Gibraltar.

Prank becomes matter of national pride

WHAT began as a lark to celebrate the wedding of Morocco’s king has escalated into a major international incident.

Let the Gibraltarians work it out themselves

THERE’S something about small-scale colonialism that always seems to recall the world of comic opera: it’s something to do with the flags, the foot-stamping, the fancy uniforms. As I write, Spain has sent a total of four warships to patrol the seas around Perejil or Parsley Island, a wretched rock just 200 yards off the coast of Morocco held as a Spanish possession since the 16th century, but invaded late on Thursday by a dozen Moroccan troops armed with two tents and two flagpoles.

Spanish gunboats sail after invasion of Parsley

SPAIN and Morocco stepped up their war of words yesterday over the tiny Mediterranean island of Parsley.

Minister says joint sovereignty a fantastic deal for Gibraltarians

SHARING sovereignty over Gibraltar with Spain would make "no iota of difference" to people living on the colony, Peter Hain, the Europe Minister, said yesterday.

Spain considering sanctions over disputed island

SPANISH patrol boats circled the tiny island of Perejil yesterday as Spain considered trade sanctions to persuade Morocco to withdraw troops from the disputed territory off its coast.

Rock’s long wait for a say on its future

JACK Straw’s historic Gibraltar speech to the Commons yesterday may have set Tory opponents, and not a few on his own benches, screaming: "Traitor!" But even those who shouted loudest yesterday will not have been surprised.

Spain sends gunboats to disputed island

SPAIN sent gunboats yesterday to the north coast of Morocco and demanded Moroccan troops withdraw after "invading" a tiny island claimed by both countries.

‘No parallel’, but offer causes Falklands unease

BRITAIN’S offer to share sovereignty over Gibraltar with Spain sent a ripple of apprehension across the Falkland Islands, where there was some concern that the colony might find itself in a similar situation.

Gibraltar in uproar at UK ‘sell-out’

THE people of Gibraltar last night took to the streets in noisy protest, accusing Jack Straw of betrayal after he revealed that the UK and Spain had come to an agreement over the joint sovereignty of the British colony.

Straw admits Gibraltar pact

THE Government wants to share sovereignty of Gibraltar with Spain, Foreign Secretary Jack Straw told the Commons today.

Meeting declined

Gibraltarians will be greatly encouraged by your report, "No early deal likely on Gibraltar sovereignty" (19 June). But the Prime Minister, Tony Blair, has added to the long list of those he has offended, by declining a request for a meeting by the chief minister of Gibraltar, Peter Caruana.

Straw fuels row over Gibraltar's dealings

JACK Straw launched an astonishing attack on the Gibraltarian government yesterday, claiming that the British colony had not been "transparent" in its business dealings.

No early deal likely on Gibraltar sovereignty

THE government appeared to give in yesterday to pressure over the future sovereignty of Gibraltar, hinting there would be no early deal with Spain.

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