Space science

Space science

Drop in the ocean? Scientists link comet ice to Earth’s water

WATER with properties similar to that found in our oceans has been discovered in a comet for the first time.

Wanted: astronauts with the right stuff (… and a spacecraft)

IT COULD be considered the most elite job both on and off the planet, a career that offers stellar prospects and, eventually, a little business travel.

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What drives a meteorite hunter?

Rob Elliot makes a living from falling stars as the UK's only full-time meteorite hunter. Our reporter speaks to him

UFO files: Huge flying jellyfish spotted over Scotland

Harrier jets in a dogfight with a "bright light" above the Queen's Highland home at Balmoral and a glowing white ball "like a flying jellyfish" over East Kilbride are among the alleged UFO sightings made to the Ministry of Defence.

Heads up for annual meteor display

SKYWATCHERS will be out tonight to enjoy this year's display of Perseid meteors.

Nasa rover on brink of new Mars crater

NASA says its surviving Mars rover Opportunity has reached the rim of Endeavour crater after a near three-year trek across the planet's surface.

Crater opportunity nears for Mars rover

THE Mars rover Opportunity is nearing the rim of a vast crater to begin a new round of exploration.

Five-year mission to Jupiter blasts off

US SPACE agency Nasa has launched a solar-powered spacecraft on a five-year mission to Jupiter.

Martian 'fingers' could be salty water

FINGER-like features visible in images from Mars may be streams of salty water spilling over the rims of craters, scientists believe.

Atlas rockets Juno probe in $1.1bn Nasa mission to demystify Jupiter

IT IS the King of the Planets, the largest in the solar system and fifth from the Sun, wreathed in thick cloud which has kept its surface cloaked in mystery.

Earth once had two moons, say scientists

EARTH may once have had two moons: the one that shines at night today and a smaller companion, according to a new theory.

Scots astronomer beats US defence giant to comet solution

SCOTLAND'S Astronomer Royal has pipped a billion-dollar US aerospace defence conglomerate at the post by working out how comets - which have the potential to destroy life on Earth - die when they hit the sun.

Atlantis brings down final curtain on high frontier

IT WAS a tranquil ending for such a momentous occasion. Nasa's space shuttle Atlantis glided silently back to Earth at the conclusion of its last mission yesterday, an understated finale to a 30-year era of human space flight punctuated by many extraordinary highs and two disasters.

Held hostage by more earthly considerations

WITH the retirement of the space shuttle fleet, Nasa is facing one of the biggest challenges in its 53-year history.

In pictures: Atlantis space shuttle makes final landing in Florida

SPACE shuttle Atlantis returned to Earth for the last landing of the 30-year programme today.

George Kerevan: End of space travel would be loss of pioneer spirit

It may make economic sense to give up on the dream of travelling to the Moon, but at what cost to human endeavour?

The final countdown for the Space Shuttle programme

Blustery weather permitting, this weekend will see the very last launch in the 30-year Space Shuttle programme. Here Ken MacTaggart, a Scot who has worked for Nasa, charts its ups and downs

Nasa anticipates miss by space rock

A NEWLY-discovered asteroid will have a close encounter with Earth on Monday, but there's no need to worry, according to Nasa.

Scientists reveal 3D map of universe

The most complete 3D map of the local universe has been unveiled by British astronomers.

Endeavour lifts off safely for final space mission

Endeavour's commander urged America to continue to "reach for the stars" yesterday as he led the orbiter on its 25th and final space mission, marking another historic moment in Nasa history and another chapter in his own extraordinary story.

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