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Gerald Warner: Castro and Marxism won most from the Cuban missile crisis

ARMAGEDDON, with the ­courtesy of four minutes’ warning: that was the prospect facing the world 50 years ago, as the Cuban missile crisis threatened thermonuclear war on a scale that experts today believe would have cost more than 200 million lives.


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Care home boss jumped out on colleague naked

A CARE home manager who got drunk and flashed his nipple before jumping out of a bathroom naked in front of one of his colleagues has been struck off the official register.

Church of Scotland General Assembly update: poor being hit hardest by austerity measures

THE morning of the first full day of business at the General Assembly was dominated by the Church and Society Council report, which saw the departing convener, the Rev Ian Galloway, attack the Westminster Government’s deficit reduction as punishing the poorest parts of society “out of all proportion.”


Janet Christie on parenting: ‘What’s a condom? I know but I’ve forgotten.’

The house is quiet, Youngest glued to something unsuitable on TV and the boys just in from “egging” (something innocent and fun, no doubt).

Ruth Walker: At work, telling the truth only lands you in a whole lot of trouble’

I ’VE always been a one-man kind of woman. Playing the field has never appealed. Commitment, for better or worse, has been my default setting for as long as I can remember.

Chitra Ramaswamy: ‘Baby, just look at me now’

I T’S a weekday evening and I'm in Glasgow, heading to meet the tiniest baby in the world. OK, in my world. This baby is just three weeks old, which is, like, younger than the cheese in my fridge. Little S will be the most tender-aged babe I have ever encountered. I am nervous. My fear is the one known by all those who hold babies less than they hold conferences: what if the baby cries? (This roughly translates, for women anyway, into what if the baby hates me?)

Gerald Warner: Dave loses the head over issue of non-Catholic sovereign

Why not remove discrimination against royal bastards?

Changing room chat: Wisden ready to launch in India

THE publishers of cricket bible Wisden is to launch a separate Indian edition as it looks to tap into demand from fans in the sport’s fastest-growing market.

Gerald Warner: West may be swept away by eastern winds of change

THE wind shifts. By an inevitable process, geopolitical alignments dissolve and coalesce in new configurations as nations and power blocs rise and fall. Today the West is in decline and that trend has recently accelerated.

Arts diary: Labours of love to raise the profile of a burgeoning Highland winter festival

THE posters have gone up in Aberfeldy for its November music festival, curated in its second year by none other than novelist Ian Rankin. Like most things created by the Aberfeldy artist and musician Ryan Hannigan, the poster has a distinctively old-school look.

Claire Prentice: Face facts on altered images

BE HONEST. Which of these pictures is more attractive? The real, wrinkled, natural me on the left? Or the "perfect" me on the right, as tweaked, enhanced and digitally polished by this newspaper's finest technical wizards?

Eddie Barnes: As the anniversary of the Lockerbie bomber's release looms are we any closer to solving the riddle?

IT HAS now become a joke. On Wednesday, American journalists gathered for their morning call with the spokesman for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the Department of State in Washington.

The National Museum of Scotland has passed the design test, but what about the exhaustive trials by thousands of excited children?

FRIDAY morning, 10am, and there are 5,999 people trying to get into the newly reopened National Museum of Scotland in Chambers Street. And me. I am the one who doesn't have a toddler, a buggy or an Orla Kiely nappy bag.

Dani Garavelli: Casting killer Breivik as a 'lone wolf' risks losing an opportunity to fight far-right extremism

FOUR months before Anders Behring Breivik embarked on his killing spree in Oslo and the island of Utoeya - a massacre he carried out as part of his war against what he sees as the Islamification of Europe - he posted a series of messages on the forum of the English Defence League.

Jennifer Dempsie: Air base decisions make it easier to defend independent view

IN CASE you missed it as you were too busy smirking over Rupert Murdoch eating humble pie, the UK government announced its long-awaited review of defence this week, which had both sweet and sour ramifications for Scotland.

Rich Bath: The exit of Glasgow Commonwealth Games chief raises questions for Alex Salmond

IT IS a long way from the balmy euphoria of 7 November, 2007, when Alex Salmond's face was beamed across the world from the lawn outside the Cinnamon Grand in Sri Lanka, to last week's rancour. Back in 2007, winning the Commonwealth Games 2014 for Glasgow was a triumph which chimed with Salmond's mantra of a more confident Scotland; now the political storm clouds have coalesced around a Games in danger of becoming a proxy battleground.

Eddie Barnes: Scottish Labour avoided humiliation in Inverclyde, but needs to reinvent itself to regain power

RELIEF. Pure bloody relief. Labour MSPs, gathering for their last day of business at the Scottish Parliament on Thursday, were feeling extremely apprehensive.

Emma Cowing: Carolyn Bourne's vitriolic etiquette email raises more than a few questions about her own standards

FORGET the Royal Wedding. Cast aside all thoughts of Kate Moss's three-day matrimonial shindig. For the nuptials of the year, look no further than the forthcoming holy union between Miss Heidi Withers and Mr Freddie Bourne - a young couple who got rather more than they bargained for when they spent a recent weekend with Mr Bourne's family.

Tom English: 'When Colin Calderwood leaves, you'd hope that he would do so sheepishly'

Football's essential craziness can be seen clearly at Easter Road and in the debate over the in-demand Hibs manager, Colin Calderwood. He is wanted, as an assistant, by Chris Hughton at Birmingham City and by Steve McClaren at Nottingham Forest, both men having identified the Scot as a key part of the coaching structure at their new clubs.

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