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Terry Murden: Positive signs but too early for bunting and balloons

MORE positive data on the economy is expected this week, daring us to ask if we are about to see a spring bounce.

RBS studies women in business

ROYAL Bank of Scotland will tomorrow launch a groundbreaking study into Scottish women in business.

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Nathalie Thomas: The only way is up for economy

JENNIFER Newton, founder of Express Microbiology, wasn’t letting any doom-mongering dampen her mood on Thursday afternoon as she attacked the Scottish life sciences firm’s mounting order book.

Bill Jamieson: Economy still trapped in Eurozone storm that shows no signs of easing

SO MUCH for the Prime Minister’s “blue skies ahead” assurance to the Conservative Party faithful last Wednesday. By Friday morning the front pages blazed with the dire warnings of Bank of England governor Sir Mervyn King. “This,” he declared, “is the most serious financial crisis we’ve seen since the 1930s, if not ever.”

Signs of recession around the world prove to be elusive

IT HAS seemed to me for many years now that the bad news with which we're battered every day is at odds with what we experience and see.

Jeff Salway: Pensioners' pain to continue as low interest rates wreck their savings

IF YOU were to maliciously design a perfect storm aimed at creating nightmarish financial conditions for pensioners, you needn't stray far from the present situation.

Michelle Rodger: Exposing the old myth that age is a barrier to start-ups

AGEISM is alive and well and kicking entrepreneurs hard. It appears the peak age to be an entrepreneur could be just 25.

Bill Jamieson: Has our economy gone into reverse?

LET'S not beat about the bush or wait till next January for the Scottish Government's "aye late" statistics to tell us what we already know: the economy north of the Border may already be in recession - and with no exit in view.

Terry Murden: Bank's fighting talk will not stop loans critics

CRITICS of the banks (and there are quite a few) have been hitting us repeatedly with the message that they are not lending enough to Britain's businesses. Vince Cable, gang leader of the bank bashers, has been bullying them for months.

Teresa Hunter: 'Keep calm and carry on' won't work this time

THERE are supposed to be three magic tricks for getting an economy out of recession. Unfortunately no-one knows what they are.

Michelle Rodger: Learn to let go of your baby so you can take time out

SUMMERTIME, and the living ain't so easy for entrepreneurs. Friends and family are all jetting off to the sun, but can entrepreneurs actually take holidays from their business?

Bill Jamieson: Paying our dues for years to come

Debt crises and glacial growth rate suggest last week's market turmoil is a portent for a global slump

Terry Murden: Why we need another Lehman crisis or two

WHO said lightning never strikes twice? With a morbid sense of timing western economies have conspired to give us a second crisis in the financial markets on the fourth anniversary of the beginning of the credit crunch.

Teresa hunter: Privatisation of energy firms has left consumers worse off

IT'S surprising murder wasn't done when Scottish Gas's parent company Centrica announced profits of £1.3 billion for the first half of the year, given it has raised its prices twice since last December.

Paula Fraser: Tax clouds threaten fun in sun

YOU could count on two hands the number of times we've had glorious hot sunny days these past few months. And with August just around the corner, it's fair to say this summer has been a washout as far as the weather is concerned.

Michelle Rodger: All investors really want to know is what's in it for them

PICTURE this: you get in the lift on your way to meet a business colleague, and there beside you is the investor you've been desperate to meet about funding your new product idea.

Bill Jamieson: US debt woe will hurt us for years

ACROSS financial centres worldwide, nerves are being stretched in a final countdown to a potential debt default by America. That the deadlock has lasted thus far is cause enough for a loss of confidence in an economy and a country where leadership is glaringly absent.

Terry Murden: We all might gain if banks share the pain

JUST when it looked like it could not get any worse for the banks, it will. No-one should pretend the half-year reporting season, kicking off this week, will be anything but awful.

Teresa Hunter: Happy days are here again for holidaymakers

PEACE with a German is like a wolf and a sheep living together, the old Polish saying has it.

Terry Murden: Richardson's exit is bad timing for Co-op

TO LOSE a chief executive at any time can be unfortunate, but Neville Richardson's surprise decision on Friday to step down from the Co-operative Bank comes in the middle of his organisation's bid for the 632 branches that Lloyds is selling.

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