Somalia & Somaliland

Somalia & Somaliland

Militants driven out of Mogadishu

African peacekeepers and Somali government forces have flushed Islamist rebels out of one of the few pockets of the capital, Mogadishu, still under militant control.

Pirates free ship but keep Indian crew

Somali pirates accepted a multi-million-dollar ransom for a ship, then released the vessel and some of the crew but kept all the Indians on board as hostages.

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Dutch marines kill pirates off Somalia

Dutch marines killed two pirates and captured 16 others during an operation to free a hijacked Iranian fishing boat off Somalia, the Netherlands' defence ministry said yesterday.

Al-Qaida hit in southern Somalia

Pro-government forces in Somalia captured a town near the border with Kenya from al-Qaida-linked militants, military officials said last night.

Somalia opens prison for pirates

Officials in northern Somalia have opened a new maximum-security prison to hold Somali pirates.

Pirate chief bargains marriage to teen captive

A SOMALI pirate has said he will free a kidnapped Danish family and drop demands for a $5 million ransom if he can marry the 13-year-old daughter of his captives.

Pirates cut ransoms to get quick results

Somali pirates are to lower some of their ransom demands to get a faster turnover of ships they hijack in the Indian Ocean.

Danish captives die if rescue effort repeated, pirates vow

Pirates moved a captive Danish family on to a ship off the Somali coast yesterday and threatened to kill them if further attempts were made to free them.

Kidnapped yacht family is moved to pirate ship

A DANISH family kidnapped by pirates has reached the shore of Somalia, officials and a pirate said yesterday, likely meaning a long hostage ordeal for the couple and their three teenage children who were abducted while yachting around the world.

Pirates vow to kill more hostages

Pirates in Somalia are ferrying ammunition and men to the 30 hijacked vessels still under their control, and have threatened to kill more captives after the violent end to a hostage standoff that left four Americans dead.

Four American hostages shot dead in Somali pirate standoff

FOUR American hostages were shot dead yesterday just before US naval forces stormed their captured yacht in a desperate bid to rescue them, a military spokesman has revealed.

Pirate ship seized by Nato off Somalia

A NATO warship has seized a suspected pirate "mother ship" off Somalia, Nato's counter-piracy mission has said.

International news: Somalia

A MEDICAL official said at least three civilians were killed yesterday after being caught in clashes between insurgents and the army in Somalia's chaotic capital.

Record year for Somalian piracy

Pirates captured 1,181 hostages in 2010 - almost all of them off the Somali coast, a global maritime watchdog has said.

Plea for aid as Somali

Somalia's new premier has said 8,000 government troops will start waging attacks on Islamist insurgents and al-Qaeda terrorists "very, very soon".

UN security council backs rise in Somalia peacekeepers

The UN Security Council has authorised an increase in the African Union's peacekeeping force in Somalia from 8,000 to 12,000 troops to shore up the country's government against Islamist insurgents.

Mystery donor pours in millions to create Somali armed cadre

A NEW military force is being created in the north of Somalia, funded by a mystery donor.

Teenagers executed by firing squad

Militants from Somalia's most feared insurgent group used a firing squad to execute two teenagers in public, witnesses and officials said yesterday.

Freed hostages speak of joy to be safe and recall months of despair

FREED hostages Paul and Rachel Chandler have spoken at length for the first time about their ordeal at the hands of the Somali pirates who held them captive for 388 days.

Fishermen rescued from Somali pirates

Seven Seychelles fishermen seized by Somali pirates have been rescued and their captors arrested, Seychelles president James Michel announced yesterday.

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