Social Work

Social Work

£5m fund aims to give respite to Scots carers

FUNDING of £5 million is to be ploughed into respite services for people who care for others, the Scottish Government has announced.

Coaching by social workers at centre of Orkney scandal

THE Orkney child abuse scandal began in the early hours of 27 February, 1991, when social workers in South Ronaldsay carried out dawn raids on the homes of four families, removing nine children, aged between eight and 15.

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Father wrongly accused in flawed abuse inquiry

THE handling of child abuse investigations in Scotland has been thrown into question after a sheriff found the methods used by police and social workers while interviewing a young girl were so flawed that he recommended they be retrained.

Home-care workers 'exploited' claims trade union chief

PRIVATE home-care workers are being "exploited", and effectively paid below the minimum wage with little or no training.

Social workers under fire as 'urchins' returned to parents

SOCIAL work chiefs have defended their decision to allow four children who were described as living like "street urchins" to be returned to their parents.

Dawe says respect the social workers

CITY leader Jenny Dawe has paid tribute to city social workers.

City praise for social workers

SOCIAL workers in the criminal justice service have significantly improved performance, according to the city council.

Caleb Ness legacy: Record 3300 children reported at risk

SOCIAL workers report more suspected cases of child neglect and abuse in the Capital than anywhere else in Scotland.

'Broken' social work department accused of failing city children

EDUCATION leader Marilyne MacLaren has branded the council's social work department "broken" amid fresh evidence of it failing dozens of vulnerable children in the city.

£5m social work cash crisis

THE city's health and social care department has plunged nearly £5 million into the red – sparking warnings that more cash is needed to help Edinburgh's vulnerable residents.

'Strong possibility' of strike over social work review

THE likelihood of the city's social workers going on strike is "pretty strong", union bosses have said.

Warning social work cuts will send service into meltdown

AN emergency meeting for city council social workers has been called for today to address pending cuts which union bosses have warned will send their service into "meltdown".

Children's care services 'patchy'

SERVICES for children in Scotland's care homes are "patchy" and could be better, according to the director of Children's Services.

'Care charter' for children

SERVICES for children in Scotland's care homes are "patchy" and could be better, according to the Director of Children's Services.

Truth forum 'will give a voice' to victims of Scots care homes abuse

A TRUTH and reconciliation body will be set up to "publicly acknowledge" the abuse inflicted upon thousands of children in residential homes in Scotland, the Scottish Government has announced.

Scotland set to host suicide conference

WORLD experts on suicide prevention are to take part in a major conference in Scotland.

Fears over support cuts

FEARS have been raised that housing support services for Edinburgh's most vulnerable people will be cut.

New group to put youngsters top of agenda

A NEW group has been set up in north Edinburgh to help tackle issues which affect youngsters in the area.

Union members set to stage city protest at social care cuts

UNION members were due to hand out leaflets on Princes Street today in protest against social care "cutbacks" at the city council.

Relatives to get up to £198 per week in foster care allowances

PEOPLE who care for the children of family members are to be given the same rights as foster parents, it was announced yesterday.

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