SNP conference 2002

SNP conference 2002

SNP promises to appoint new health watchdog

THE Scottish National Party outlined its plans for reforming the NHS last night, including a powerful new inspectorate to clean up Scotland’s hospitals.

Swinney: 'I won't quit if SNP flops in election'

JOHN Swinney has ruled out stepping down as leader of the SNP if the party loses ground in next year’s Holyrood elections, it emerged last night.

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Swinney: Milk and honey is off the menu

JOHN Swinney, the SNP leader, made a passionate and deliberate attempt to reverse decades of Nationalist rhetoric yesterday, when he warned his party that independence would not turn Scotland into a "land of milk and honey".

Sketch - A time to release our potatoes

AND so we present John Swinney: man, bloke, wearer of specs.

Party out to cut class sizes

PLANS to reduce class sizes for younger primary school children to 18 or fewer will be a flagship policy of the SNP in the run-up to next year’s Holyrood election, the party’s education spokesman said last night.

Swinney hits out at £400m slush funds

SNP leader John Swinney today accused the Scottish Executive of stashing £400 million of taxpayers’ money in "slush funds" which they can dip into when they find themselves in trouble.

SNP proposes nuclear-free Scottish Defence Service

AN INDEPENDENT Scottish government would employ a full-time regular defence force of 20,000 - an increase of 5,000 on the present military establishment employed in Scotland, the SNP conference was told yesterday.

Labour plays down latest nationalist defector

LABOUR Party managers dismissed last night the defection of a leading activist to the SNP, insisting that Gordon Guthrie had left the party only when he realised his political ambitions had stalled.

SNP's flight from reality on defence policy

THE SNP yesterday devoted its annual conference in Inverness to discussing defence and foreign affairs.

SKETCH - Woad you believe it ... freedom is a plugged pothole

IT WAS MacAskill Day in parliament yesterday. We refer to Ranting Kenny of that ilk, who was holding Holyrood for the SNP while John Swinney was in Inverness hobnobbing with his party’s hobbledehoys.

Salmond lambasts Blair over Iraq

ALEX Salmond launched a vicious personal attack on the Prime Minister yesterday over his handling of the Iraq crisis.

Vote to govern, urges Swinney

JOHN Swinney will use his leader’s speech to the SNP conference today to put the economy at the centre of his party’s election campaign and to accuse the Executive of mismanaging taxpayers’ money.

Mr Swinney's testing time

SCOTLAND desperately needs a strong and effective opposition party.

SNP hoping new release will sweep it into power

IT sounds more like an ad for an energy drink, or perhaps an innovative investment scheme, but the SNP hope it will prove an election-winning campaign slogan.

Swinney steps out to condemn action without UN backing

JOHN Swinney, the SNP leader, yesterday announced his total and unequivocal opposition to action against Iraq unless it was supported by full United Nations backing.

Analysis - Leader is facing a make-or-break gamble in reshaping his party

THIS week’s gathering of the SNP in Inverness represents John Swinney’s last chance to mould the party in his image before May’s election.

Party ovation for Ewing

MARGARET Ewing, one of the SNP’s most popular MSPs, was given a rousing standing ovation by activists yesterday when she returned after a painful battle with cancer to deliver a pre-election rallying cry to the party conference, writes Hamish Macdonell.

Goodbye to Salmond years

JOHN Swinney, the SNP leader, will use his keynote conference address tomorrow to announce a major change in the campaigning approach of his party - effectively ditching the strategy adopted by his predecessor, Alex Salmond, in 1999.

SNP family courts target irresponsible parents

AN SNP administration would create new family courts, to deal with both civil and criminal cases, and would punish parents for anti-social crimes committed by their children, Roseanna Cunningham announced yesterday.

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