Sir Clive Sinclair

Sir Clive Sinclair

When Windows was twinkle in Bill Gates's eye, PC legend was born. Happy birthday, Spectrum

AS INVENTOR Sir Clive Sinclair strode to the podium of a conference room in London's Churchill Hotel 25 years ago today, he was bullish about the prospects for his new computer.

Back in the saddle

THERE is something missing from the sitting room of Sir Clive Sinclair's high-rise London penthouse. Although it's easy to be distracted by the stunning view over Trafalgar Square - you can look Nelson in the eye up here - not to mention the chic minimalist decor, the grand piano and the dinosaur fossils, there is one surprising omission. Sinclair, the man who pioneered the home-computer revolution with his sub-£100 ZX80 model, does not have a PC anywhere in his home.

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Miles ahead of its time

AS HE DODGES through the traffic-packed streets close to his penthouse on London’s Trafalgar Square, there is one vehicle Sir Clive Sinclair can be almost certain he will not have to avoid.

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