Simon Neville's Fringe Benefits

Simon Neville's Fringe Benefits

Fringe benefits

Saturday August 25, 6.50pm

And now the end is near

The end has finally come. I say end, but that’s actually a lie. I’ve still got another four performances of Murder At The Savoy and a host of parties to get through. First is the cast meal tonight, then the Bedlam end of Fringe party tomorrow, our venue (Augustine’s) end of Fringe party on Sunday, and the Murder At The Savoy last night party on Monday.

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Looking back at a week of Fringe madness

Trying desperately to see the end of this long, drunken tunnel that has been the last month.

Time to sort the wheat from the chaff

AM I the only one who is starting to think that Fringe stand-ups are starting to run out of material?

Stand ups who fall down second time around

EVERY day I seem to have mentioned another stand-up comedian I’ve met out and about.

The final week begins

WE’VE made it this far everyone. We pushed on through and got to the final week of the Fringe. I finally had that shave I promised myself, and I managed to put on some washing. Doesn’t mean anything has changed.

Fringe benefits

THE Fringe is in full swing now and I’m starting to meet every celebrity under the sun.

Fringe Benefits

The Bedlam party was a bit of a washout. I’ve had Bedlam lock-ins during term time before, and usually they are great fun.

Fringe Benefits

WELL, Monday's column didn't go down terribly well. The cast were not overly amused with my comments. However, I would like to clarify that the show itself is fantastic and the cast are brilliant too. I just had a number of issues with other areas of the show, which I felt I needed to explore.

Fringe benefits - but not your health

Don't underestimate the destructive nature the Fringe can have on your body and your health. We're not even half way through and I feel like I'm ready to bow out now. And if anyone for a moment suggests that the Fringe is in any way glamorous, I want you to hit them from me.

Publicity problems & disappointing audiences

LAST week, I touched on the off-stage problems that have afflicted my Fringe show, Murder At The Savoy. At the time I thought a week might be long enough for the production team to turn them around.

Running to catch-up on the show

SO the promise to myself of seeing more shows is starting to take shape.

Opening night

TODAY I'd like to start with a plea. If there are any tramps are reading this, can you please not fall asleep in the corridor of my flat. Last night I came home to stumble on a man lying across my doormat. It really wasn't what I needed to find, although I admire his commitment in climbing the stairs in order to find comfort on a bristled doormat.

Time to slow down, perhaps

GIVEN that this year’s festival is not yet a week old, the toll it has already taken is slightly alarming.

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