Sharks, whales & dolphins

Sharks, whales & dolphins

Safe to go in the water - for sharks

AS GLOBAL viewers have been tuning in to programmes such as Top 5 Eaten Alive and Jaws Comes Home as part of Discovery Channel's Shark Week, leaders in the western Pacific region have taken a big step towards nurturing the predator: deciding jointly to create the largest shark sanctuary in the world.

Pilot whales returned to sea after mass stranding in Kyle of Durness

RESCUERS have returned 44 pilot whales to open water after a mass stranding in an estuary of a sea loch in the Scottish Highlands.

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25 pilot whales die after mass stranding

MORE than two dozen whales have died after a mass stranding in an estuary of a sea loch in the Scottish Highlands.

Delegates quit meeting over whale haven plan

Japan and other pro-whaling nations walked out of a meeting of the International Whaling Commission yesterday in protest over a proposal for a whale sanctuary in the South Atlantic.

Canadian Appeals Court to rule on custody battle - over killer whale

An INTERNATIONAL custody dispute is making waves on both sides of the US-Canada border as two marine parks battle it out for ownership of a two-tonne killer whale.

Fears grow for 60 whales in Scots loch

THE fate of a pod of whales trapped in a Hebridean loch remained uncertain last night after they again moved into dangerous waters following a brief escape.

Global plan to save the shark 'is not working'

AN INTERNATIONAL conservation plan agreed a decade ago to protect threatened shark populations has failed to halt their decline, according to a new report.

Stranded pilot whales put down

New Zealand conservation officials yesterday put down ten pilot whales, the only survivors of a 24-strong pod that became stranded in a mangrove swamp.

Egypt: Fines move call to curb shark attacks

Experts in Egypt investigating shark attacks at one of the world's top diving destinations have recommended strict fines for feeding fish and dumping carcasses in the water.

Single shark blamed for three attacks in Red Sea

A SINGLE female whitetip shark has been linked to at least three out of five attacks on tourists at a popular Egyptian resort, and is still in the area, an expert helping investigators said yesterday.

Sharks captured after diver attacks

Egyptian conservation workers hunted and captured a pair of sharks that attacked four divers in the space of two days at a popular Red Sea resort, government officials said yesterday.

Four tourists mauled by shark at Red Sea resort

AN OCEANIC white tip shark badly mauled four Russian tourists swimming near their beach hotels in two separate attacks at an Egyptian resort on the Red Sea, a conservation official said.

How one wrong turn 450,000 years ago brought us great white sharks in the Med

THEY are the ocean's most feared and deadliest predator. And, in a major scientific breakthrough, Scottish scientists have discovered the great white sharks found in the Mediterranean owe their existence to a wrong turn taken about 450,000 years ago.

Do the tail walk, the new fun thing for wild dolphins

IT WAS a trick which required even the highly trained thespian dolphin playing Flipper to bring in a stunt double. But now a group of wild dolphins in Australia have taught themselves the fine art of "tail walking".

Boss of Sea Shepherd 'told me to scuttle clash ship'

AN ANTI-whaling group deliberately sank its own high-tech protest boat after a January collision with a Japanese whaler to gain sympathy, the former skipper alleged yesterday.

Whales' slow, agonising death from nets

MINKE whales in Scotland are suffering agonising deaths after getting tangled up in fishing ropes, a new report has warned.

Warning over jet-ski threat to dolphins

DOLPHIN-chasing jet-skiers are endangering a population that has thrilled Scottish beachgoers this summer, despite warnings from animal groups and police.

Greenland wins right to hunt humpbacks after three-year fight

GREENLAND has won a long battle to extend its annual whale hunt to humpbacks, overriding objections from conservation-minded members of the International Whaling Commission.

Experts to eavesdrop on dolphins amid noise pollution fears

DOZENS of underwater listening devices are set to be installed in the Moray Firth to monitor the effect that offshore wind-farm developments may have on dolphins.

Whaling revival moves closer

THE International Whaling Commission has proposed allowing whales to be hunted under strict quotas, bringing the world a step closer to the first legal commercial whaling in nearly 25 years.

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