Sharia Law

Sharia Law

Somalia on road to Sharia law

THE Somali cabinet yesterday voted to make Islam the basis of the country's legal system, in a bid to undercut an increasingly fractured Islamic insurgency and win popular support.

The verdant valley where Sharia law now rules

ISLAMABAD has caved in to the demands of Islamic militants fighting in Pakistan's beautiful but volatile Swat Valley region, agreeing to implement Sharia law in a move that will bring concerns about the government's writ in an area less than 100 miles from the capital.

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Archbishop sorry for 'unclarity' but insists Sharia debate right

A HUMBLED Archbishop of Canterbury was yesterday forced to clarify his remarks on Sharia law after admitting they had caused "distress" – but insisted he was right to raise the controversial subject.

Head of Kirk backs Williams over Sharia row

THE head of the Church of Scotland has come out in support of the Archbishop of Canterbury, describing the public's response to his comments on Sharia law as a "witch-hunt".

'Make one law for Muslims, one for everyone else'

POLITICIANS have moved to distance themselves from claims by the Archbishop of Canterbury that Sharia law would inevitably be introduced in parts of Britain.

Teenager executes his father's murderer

A SOMALI teenager stabbed his father's killer to death yesterday in a public execution ordered by an Islamic court.

Muslims must abide by UK code, says CRE chief

MUSLIMS living in the UK must accept that British values include a commitment to freedom of speech, even if that means offending people, says the chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality.

Study suggests 'Godless' societies are safer

GODLESS societies are safer and healthier, according to a new study published today.

Multicultural Britain fails democracy

TO SUGGEST, as John Stewart did in this column on Monday, that "we are going to have to partition some of our cities and allow the Muslim inhabitants to administer and police them according to Sharia law", is to take appeasement to a new level. To appease external aggression as this country did in the 1930s was bad enough, even to contemplate such a flawed policy in the face of internal aggression would be the beginning of the end of British democracy.

First Islam-friendly fund for children launched

THE first Child Trust Fund which complies with Muslim laws was launched today.

A law unto herself

HOUWA IBRAHIM does not court publicity. But it courts her. The world's press turned up to witness her defence of Amina Lawal, the woman sentenced to be stoned to death for adultery in Northern Nigeria in 2002.

Pressure mounts on Sudan over girl's flogging

SHE is a shy and naïve 16-year-old who, like many girls, was duped into a relationship with a married man by his promises of a brighter future.

Miss World puts pain before beauty

The Seven Wonders of the Industrial World: The Hoover Dam, BBC2

The peace prize that could change a nation

SOON after the announcement that Shirin Ebadi had won the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize, I managed to catch a few words with her in Paris.

Voice for Muslim women terrorised by their families

INTELLIGENT and attractive, 20-year-old Sabatina James should have a bright future to look forward to - but instead she lives in fear with round-the-clock police protection because of threats to her life.

Mother escapes death by stoning

AN ISLAMIC appeals court in Nigeria yesterday overturned the conviction of a mother who was facing death by stoning for having a child outside wedlock.

Mum spared stone death

A MOTHER sentenced to death by stoning for adultery today won her appeal.

When religion and state power collide

JUST across the Potomac river from Washington in the Vir- ginia suburbs there was a bizarre row between a school and some local Christian activists.

Egyptian broadcasters demand right to wear veil

A GROUP of television presenters in Egypt say they have been banned from appearing on screen since they took to wearing the hejab, the Islamic veil.

'I faced crucifixion' claims Scot freed from Saudi jail

SANDY Mitchell, the Scot placed under sentence of death in Saudi Arabia, has revealed he was due to be executed by crucifixion, writes Christopher Claire.

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