Sex education

Sex education

STD clinic wants views textually transmitted

Stephen Fry does it, Sarah Brown does it - sometimes it seems like the whole world is tweeting away on Twitter.

Analysis: Talking to your child from an early stage is the key

KNOWLEDGE is power and it is far better they get the proper information than the rather dodgy stuff young people can get from friends.

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More children learn about sex from teachers than friends

MORE children in Scotland now get most of their information about sex from school rather than from their friends or family, according to a new study.

Patients 'should be asked about sex', say Society for Sexual Medicine

Men and women should be routinely asked during medical consultations if they have any sexual concerns, the British Society for Sexual Medicine said.

Lothian teenage abortion rates at a five-year high

THE number of schoolgirls having abortions has reached a five-year high in the Lothians.

One schoolgirl every week has abortion in the Lothians

THE number of abortions carried out in the Lothians is falling– but one schoolgirl every week is still undergoing a termination.

Teenagers to teach sex education

TEENAGERS are giving sex education lessons to younger children in a controversial new scheme to reduce the high rate of unwanted pregnancies.

Cumming lays sex life bare in Aids warning

ALAN Cumming is using his own colourful bedroom history to persuade Americans to have safe sex.

The government wants more talk about sex

A NEW website to encourage Scots to be more open when talking about their sex lives is being launched today to help cut unplanned pregnancies and sexual diseases.

Ten teenage girls a day being diagnosed with chlamydia

THE number of teenage girls contracting chlamydia has soared in the Lothians, as cases of the sexually transmitted disease hit a record high.

Underage intercourse . . part of growing up or sex crime?

BY the time Jo was 15 she had slept with three boys her age. Now, 17, the teenager from South Gyle recalls that having underage sex was no big deal. After all, all her friends were doing it. "Teenagers grow up so much quicker these days and it's just the thing we do. People need to accept it," she says.

Five people a day in Lothian diagnosed with chlamydia

MORE than five people a day are being diagnosed with chlamydia in the Lothians, new figures have revealed.

Let schools give out 'abortion' pill says parent-teacher group

AT least one girl a week aged between 13 and 15 is falling pregnant in Edinburgh according to new Scottish Government figures.

Sex education 'failing' school pupils

SEX education in Scottish schools is "inadequate", raising fears that the soaring rates of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease are going unchecked.

Anger over pupils' teacher-sex debate

SCHOOL pupils were asked to debate if they should be allowed to have sex with their teachers, it was reported last night.

Massive rise in sexually transmitted disease cases

A SOARING number of people in Scotland – including children – are being diagnosed with sexually transmitted infections, figures revealed yesterday.

Burning issue: Is the sexual health strategy in Scotland failing?

NO Shona Robison, minister for public health

Police shouldn't investigate all underage sex, say chiefs

POLICE chiefs have called for new guidelines on underage sex to be introduced.

Schools need to tackle drink and sex together

COULD there be a more appropriate time in the year to launch two new strategies on sex and drinking than at Hogmanay?

Start sex education early, says consultant

CHILDREN should be getting sex education lessons when they start school, a leading medical figure has said.

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