Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

Warning system for animal diseases

WORLD health officials have launched an early warning system to detect and control animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Exotic food shunned amid fears of disease

CHINESE diners are eating fewer owls, civets and other exotic wildlife due to fears of SARS and bird flu, according to a survey released yesterday by conservation groups.

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Sars victims sue hospital

FOURTEEN people are suing Hong Kong's Hospital Authority and a supermarket for failing to protect them from contracting Sars during an outbreak three years ago.

Air travel tests 'won't keep Sars out of UK'

SCREENING passengers at UK airports is unlikely to prevent the spread of potentially deadly Sars or flu to Britain, researchers said today.

Schizophrenia drug 'can prevent SARS'

A DRUG used to treat schizophrenia has been shown to prevent and treat Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS), according to Chinese and European experts at a conference in China.

New research centre tackles major threats

OXFORD University has launched a new research centre to solve the problems facing the world in the 21st century.

Countries face quarantine in bid to beat killer disease

TRAVEL and trade restrictions could be placed on countries if there is a serious outbreak of deadly diseases such as bird flu and SARS under new rules agreed by the World Health Organisation yesterday.

Editor snubbed for awards ceremony

A CHINESE editor whose newspaper broke stories about the SARS disease outbreak and a fatal police beating has been ordered not to attend a ceremony in Senegal today to accept a United Nations press freedom award worth about £13,000.

Sars vaccine is ruled safe

CHINESE researchers have completed the first round of testing on an experimental Sars vaccine and declared it safe.

China in Sars winter warning

CHINA has issued emergency instructions to hospitals to isolate patients suffering from respiratory diseases to prevent a recurrence of Sars.

Doctor who exposed China's SARS freed from custody

JIANG Yanyong, the military doctor who exposed China’s SARS cover-up last year, was released yesterday after seven weeks’ custody and forced "study sessions" following his calls for a reappraisal of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

SARS doctor in custody

THE doctor who exposed China’s SARS cover-up last year is reportedly in custody, being subjected to "study sessions" after calling for a reassessment of the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests.

SARS vaccine breakthrough

SCIENTISTS have taken the first steps towards developing a vaccine against the deadly SARS virus, it was revealed today.

Scientists a step closer to vaccine against SARS

SCIENTISTS have taken the first steps towards developing a vaccine against the deadly severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) virus.

Sars victim is out of hospital

THE first Sars patient from China’s most recent outbreak has been discharged from hospital.

Sars probe questions hospital staff

WORLD Health Organisation experts widened their probe of China’s Sars cases yesterday, interviewing people at the hospital where lab workers were treated after contracting the disease.

Rise in number of SARS victims

CHINA confirmed two more SARS cases today, bringing the number of infected people linked to a Beijing laboratory believed responsible for the latest outbreak to four.

Taiwan man is tested for Sars

AN elderly Taiwanese man was quarantined and was being tested for Sars today after he returned from China and developed a high fever and other flu-like symptoms.

600 isolated in Sars alert

CHINA has isolated more than 600 people in the capital, Beijing, after a laboratory leak led to the first death from Sars since last year’s outbreak killed nearly 800 people worldwide.

500 quarantined in new Sars outbreak

NEARLY 500 people were in quarantine in China today amid a new Sars outbreak.

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