Serious Organised Crimes Agency plans

Serious Organised Crimes Agency plans

Law-abiding citizens turn to crime during recession

HOUSEBREAKING and thefts are rising in Scotland as people hardest hit by the recession turn to crime, a nationwide survey has revealed.

Scottish 'FBI' demands end to red tape

POLICING in Scotland faces an unprecedented split, with the country's 'FBI' demanding independence from "faceless bureaucrats" who are hindering the fight against organised crime.

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Scotland to get its own untouchables

A MASSIVE operation to identify and decapitate the leadership of organised crime gangs north of the border will get under way within weeks, Scotland on Sunday can reveal.

The Friday Interview: Mapping out an attack on organised crime

GORDON Meldrum is a man on a mission. As director-general of the Scottish Crime and Drug Enforcement Agency (SCDEA), his job is to protect communities in Scotland from the scourge of drug dealers, money launderers and other organised criminals.

Profits of crime will pay for accountants to stop gangsters

GANGSTERS' ill-gotten gains will be used to employ top accountants to fight organised crime.

Scottish crime-fighting agency chief to retire

THE head of Scotland's elite crime-fighting agency is to retire later this year.

Soca identifies top 130 villains

BRITAIN'S "FBI" has identified the top 130 crime barons it wants to put out of business.

UK's 'FBI' to hit crime chiefs

Key quote "It does not matter how far removed you are from the street where the crimes, people-trafficking, prostitution and drugs are taking place. We will have the powers to come after you, to get you, to put you in jail" – Tony Blair

Blair to launch new FBI-style crime-fighting squad

BRITAIN'S new FBI-style crime squad will shift the balance from crime lords to ordinary victims, Tony Blair will declare today, as he marks its formal launch.

'Squeal deals' for police informants aimed at netting crime bosses

CRIMINALS who inform on their friends could be given FBI-style "squeal deal" incentives by police in an effort to crackdown on the bosses behind big-time organised crime.

Police spurn invite to join Britain's 'FBI'

BRITAIN'S new FBI-style agency is launching a massive recruitment drive after failing to attract enough police officers away from their existing jobs.

MSPs vote for bill to tackle organised crime in UK

HOLYROOD last night backed Westminster plans to introduce a new FBI-style crime-fighting agency in a bill that will also extend the powers of a private security industry watchdog to Scotland.

Police attack plans for a British FBI

SCOTLAND’S rank-and-file police officers delivered a stinging rebuke to the government over its plans to create a British version of the FBI yesterday, claiming the proposals threatened the "political impartiality" of the police.

Crime chief admits work to be done

THE man appointed to head the new Serious Organised Crime Agency today acknowledged that Britain’s law enforcement forces were not "on top" of problems such as drugs, people-trafficking and international fraud.

Distinct legal systems make UK-wide force impractical

FOR months, Scotland and England have been in a race to create their own answer to the United States’ FBI.

Scotland and England go separate ways with own FBI-style agencies

SCOTLAND and England are to have their own separate FBI-style agencies, thwarting plans for a London-based organisation to cover constabularies on both sides of the Border.

Supergrass plan to snare 'Mr Bigs'

SCOTTISH ministers are to consider introducing a new system to encourage "supergrasses" to turn in gang bosses, it emerged today.

Scotland to get own FBI in war on crime

SCOTLAND is to get an FBI-style crime fighting agency which will gather together several key law enforcement agencies on one site, it emerged last night.

Blunkett launches new 'British FBI'

THE Government’s new "British FBI" was launched by Home Secretary David Blunkett today.

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