Selby train crash

Selby train crash

Points played part in rail crash

AN INVESTIGATION into the fatal rail crash in which a high-speed train hit a car parked on a level crossing has confirmed that a set of points exacerbated the "catastrophic derailment".

Selby victims 'unlawfully killed'

THE six passengers and four railway employees who died in the Selby train disaster were unlawfully killed, an inquest jury decided yesterday.

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Selby deaths inquiry begins

AN inquest into the deaths of ten people in the Selby rail crash was due to begin today.

Why Gary Hart should not be jailed

GARY Hart is facing a potential long jail sentence after being found guilty of causing the deaths of ten people by dangerous driving which resulted in the Selby train crash. But the look of remorse on the face of the hapless Hart, who is certainly culpable, is far removed from the evil smirk on the face of the child murderer Roy Whiting.

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