Secrets of 1972

Secrets of 1972

Government wanted to move shipbuilding to Ardrossan yard

THE government came close to shutting the shipyards on the Upper Clyde in 1972 and offering the workforce guaranteed jobs at a new yard at Ardrossan, complete with homes and free transport to work.

The 1972 move to make medal ceremonies an endurance event

MEDAL ceremonies involving Scottish competitors at international sporting events could have been even longer than normal if a directive from the Foreign Office had been rigorously applied, secret government papers released today reveal.

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Volunteer drivers asked to break miners' strike

THE government planned to use a fleet of volunteer drivers - including firemen - to get coal to power stations to break the miners’ strike 30 years ago.

Back when the Scottish Office thought devolution 'anarchic'

THE possibility of devolution for Scotland caused alarm among Scottish Office officials who believed that it would lead to anarchy in the battle for Treasury funding, claim 1972 papers.

Heath knew policy would kill fish fleet

SECRET papers, released today, have revealed how the Scottish fishing fleet was betrayed by the government 30 years ago to enable Britain to sign up to the controversial Common Fisheries Policy.

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