Secret services

Secret services

MI6 chief defends secrecy in first public speech

The Chief of the Secret Intelligence Service, MI6, today issued a warning that its secrets must not be compromised if it is to continue protecting the country.

The real story behind Bond's dinner jacket: MI6 secrets revealed in new book

IT is a scene that perfectly captures the intrigue and elegance of the life of a secret agent.

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MI6 murder: The classified life of a spook

THE Victorian splendour of the Pimlico flat where Gareth Williams' body was found in the most gruesome circumstances is in stark contrast to the spartan digs he inhabited while working in Cheltenham.

Analysis: MI6 recruits risk-takers - how else are you to win the spy war?

The apparent murder of a British intelligence officer, said to be Gareth Williams, in what appears to be an MI6 service flat in Pimlico, is a tragedy for his family but a serious security problem for the whole of Britain's intelligence community.

Race to solve secret of grisly murder in an MI6 'safehouse'

POLICE were last night investigating the murder of a British spy whose decomposing body lay for two weeks stuffed inside a large sports holdall in the bath of a smart London flat.

Scotland Yard to investigate MI6 over 'torture'

AN ALLEGATION that officers from the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), also known as MI6, were complicit in torture is to be investigated by the Metropolitan Police.

US held file on Blair detailing 'his private life' claim

UNITED States intelligence officials kept a file on the "private life" of Tony Blair, a former US Navy communications operator claimed yesterday.

Spy chiefs target travel cards

SECURITY chiefs are demanding the right to monitor the movement of bus, train and car passengers in Scotland as part of the battle against terrorism.

Terror chiefs recruit more Scots spies

MI5 IS to create a team of "Scottish spooks" in a bid to prevent outrages like the Glasgow Airport attack and reduce the radicalisation of young Muslims north of the border.

Town halls resort to spy tactics

SURVEILLANCE methods pioneered by MI5 are now being used dozens of times every year by Scottish council staff to snoop on rogue traders, antisocial neighbours and bill posters.

Top lawyers claim bugging is routine

LEADING Scottish criminal lawyers believe their conversations are routinely bugged by the security services and some have resorted to interviewing clients in streets and parks to avoid eavesdroppers, it emerged last night.

Brown criticised in bugging row

GORDON Brown was warned that an MP had been bugged but did nothing about it, shadow home secretary David Davis claimed yesterday.

Anti-terror police bug Muslim Labour MP

SCOTLAND Yard's anti-terrorist police secretly bugged a leading Muslim Labour MP during private meetings with one of his constituents, it was claimed last night.

MI5 issues warning on Chinese espionage

MI5's director-general has warned business leaders China has been carrying out state-sponsored espionage against British banks and financial services firms, it was reported last night.

Files prove that MI5 spied on SNP

THE SNP was spied on by British secret service agents, previously classified Government files seen by Scotland on Sunday have finally proved.

The spy that came in from the call... on bugged mobile

MOBILES have everything these days: GPS, SMS, MP3... and now MI5.

New chief takes the helm at MI5

THE new head of MI5 takes over today at a time of unprecedented public focus on the Security Service.

MI5 chief told MPs 'no threat' before 7/7

THE head of MI5 reportedly told MPs a day before the July 7 bombings in London that the country faced no imminent terror threat.

Spy chief to quit MI5 role

THE head of MI5 announced last night she is to quit after four and a half years in the job.

Ministers hushed up fate of 'original James Bond'

THE fate of a Naval hero said to have been the model for fictional spy James Bond was hushed up by the government, secret documents revealed yesterday.

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