Seals & sea lions

Seals & sea lions

Killing of protected Shetland seals leads to hunt for gunman

SIX seals have been slaughtered on Shetland by someone using a high-powered rifle, in a major blow for wildlife conservation on the islands.

Queen star in plea over seals

QUEEN guitarist Brian May yesterday urged the Scottish Government to protect its seal colonies.

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Watership Down star Briers gives voice to seals' right to a Good Life

AS the voice of Fiver in hit movie Watership Down, Richard Briers convinced a generation of children that rabbits were more than simply vermin to be shot.

Telfer urges class of 2009 to scale another 'Everest' in South Africa

TWELVE years on from his involvement in the Lions' famous 2-1 series victory over South Africa as assistant to head coach Ian McGeechan, Jim Telfer will be at home in front of his television 6,200 miles away in the Scottish Borders watching the first Test action unfold in Durban with only his wife and a pot of tea for company. Surely a part of him will be wishing he's in South Africa and part of the Class of 2009?

Seal washed up on city beach

A BABY seal is recovering at an Edinburgh vets after being washed up on Portobello beach.

Warm weather can't save Canada's seals

CANADA'S controversial annual seal hunt has caught only 400 animals because of the warm weather, the government said yesterday.

Harp seal killing quota cut by a quarter

THE number of young harp seals that Canadian hunters can kill off the country's east coast this year has been cut by a quarter.

Global warming may spell end of seal cull

EVERY spring, the ice floes off Canada's east coast turn red with the blood of baby seals. And every spring, celebrities, environmentalists and governments demand that Canada end the slaughter.

Whales 'show threat to seals'

A WILDLIFE campaigner says the sighting of killer whales in the Firth of Forth last week highlights the plight of the Scottish seal.

Dramatic decline in island common seal populations baffles experts

THE common seal populations of Shetland and Orkney have suffered a catastrophic collapse in the past five years, but scientists last night admitted they were baffled as to why.

Ban call over Britain's shocking trade in sealskins

THEIR huge liquid eyes warm even the coldest heart, but the endearing appearance of young harp seals is not enough to spare hundreds of thousands of them from being clubbed and shot to death along Canada's icy north-east coast every year.

Culling of seals humane and viable, says Canada

CANADA's annual seal cull sees animals killed on an almost industrial scale, and attracts controversy to match.

Friday 13 a Lucky day for visitors to centre

FRIDAY the 13th proved far from unlucky for staff and visitors at the Scottish Seabird Centre.

Grey guzzlers

AS October arrives and thousands of grey seals haul themselves inland to breed, new figures on what they're eating in the North Sea really couldn't have come at a worse time. The Sea Mammal Research Unit of St Andrews University says seal consumption of commercially important fish has tripled, compared with 20 years ago.

Fisherman shot seal dead with rifle, court told

A SALMON fisherman has appeared in court accused of using a high-powered rifle to shoot dead a seal that was basking on a sandbank near his nets.

Slaughter of five seals sparks demands for tougher laws

WELFARE groups have called for tougher laws to protect seals after five were found shot dead on a beach in Orkney.

Fall in Shetland seal numbers prompts shooting ban calls

THE number of common seals in Shetland has fallen by a third in the past decade according to experts, prompting calls for an outright ban on shooting the animals.

Seal cull provokes icy clashes

SEAL hunters and animal rights activists clashed on the thawing ice floes off the east coast of Canada on the first weekend of the world's largest cull.

Sir Paul and Heather take to the ice in attempt to stop seal cull

SIR Paul McCartney and his wife Heather braved the freezing Canadian ice floes yesterday to beg the country's government to stop the "brutal" annual seal cull there.

SOS for Sammy Seal, the salmon stealer

SAMMY the seal was something of a curiosity when he first arrived in the river Annan, but his presence soon caused consternation as he started tucking into the local salmon.

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