Falcons…0, seagulls…740 as cull fails

USING falcons to tackle seagull attacks in a Scottish town has failed to deal with the problem, a report is expected to reveal.

The untouchables … dive in seagull numbers spares menace from chop

THEY have become an ever- increasing menace in towns and cities, attacking people and pets as they scavenge for food.

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Town declares all-out war on menace of divebomber seagulls

TO SOME, they are graceful seabirds that swoop serenely over the waves.

Hunt on for an answer to the growing menace of our feathered fiends

WITH a predilection for preying on bins and redistributing the regurgitated contents from a great height, few creatures have the capacity to engender such mass distaste as the common seagull.

Council hopes gull numbers will nosedive

COMMUNITY leaders are hopeful that the number of aggressive seagulls in Merchiston and Bruntsfield will nosedive.

Something fishy going on as gulls flock back

THE scourge of aggressive seagulls has returned to plague Merchiston and Bruntsfield residents, with birds spotted feasting on crates of discarded fish heads.

Locals cry for peace as bird scarer puts all hope of sleep to flight

RESIDENTS of a seaside town are up in arms over a sound system designed to scare away seagulls - because it makes more noise than the birds.

Island's visitors face savage aerial threat

DIVE-BOMBING seabirds have delayed efforts to give Inchcolm island a tourism boost because conservation staff keep being attacked.

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