Sea fishing industry

Sea fishing industry

Fishermen to fight marine protection area proposal

FISHERMEN have vowed to continue fighting plans for a marine protection area which was approved yesterday by the Scottish Government.

Scottish fishermen at mercy of shadowy quota barons

SCOTTISH white fish trawlers and fish processing companies are being driven to the brink of bankruptcy by anonymous "quota barons" outside the industry who now control the rights to thousands of tonnes of fish worth millions of pounds, The Scotsman can reveal.

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Case study: 'I am almost at the point where I feel like tying my boat to the quay and walking up the road'

ANDREW - not his real name - has been a fisherman for 35 years and a white fish skipper for more than two decades.

Campaigners demand selective fishing after £1bn cod discarded

Britain has discarded nearly £1 billion in cod from one population in the last 50 years, a report has revealed.

Future of fishing 'at critical crossroads'

Fisheries minister Richard Lochhead yesterday warned that Scotland's fishing industry was at a "critical crossroads", after a meeting with the European fisheries commissioner.

Something fishy about smoked cod

Shoppers are being overcharged for cheaper fish being passed off as cod, according to new research.

Bertie Armstrong: Cuts to size of the Scottish fleet are completely unacceptable

WE ALL agree that the Common Fisheries Policy needs reforming and we all agree that we want a sustainable fishery.

Key reforms to fishing industry

The key reforms needed to improve the fishing industry

New European fishing rules may cost 1,000 Scottish jobs

SCOTTISH fishermen's leaders yesterday warned that 1,000 jobs could be axed as a result of the radical reform of the controversial Common Fisheries Policy.

EU fisheries reform 'real chance for Scots fleet'

THE European Union's publication tomorrow of the proposed reform of the controversial Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) must be seized as a "golden opportunity" to secure a long-term future for Scotland's fishing fleets and fragile coastal communities.

Threat of extinction to world tuna stocks

FIVE out of the world's eight tuna species are at risk of extinction, conservationists warned today, as they called for urgent action to tackle over-fishing.

EU rules out early support for Scots fishermen

RICHARD Lochhead, the Scottish fisheries minister, yesterday condemned the failure of the European Union to impose immediate sanctions on Iceland and the Faroes in a bid to break the deadlock on mackerel quotas.

Fresh call for mackerel fishing sanctions

FISHERIES minister Richard Lochhead will today make a fresh call for the European Union to impose sanctions on Iceland and the Faroe Islands in a bid to break the long-standing deadlock on mackerel quotas.

Demand to take fishing reforms off Brussels

Forthcoming fishing reform must remove decision-making from the "dead hand of Brussels", according to the Scottish Government.

Seafish wins Supreme Court appeal over import levy

The Sea Fish Industry Authority (Seafish) has won a Supreme Court ruling that it is entitled to charge a levy on sea fish imports.

Struan Stevenson: Fisheries reform must get it right this time

THE European Parliament was fed an expertly-filleted, lightly-sautéed portion of common sense recently, as TV chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall brought his BAFTA-winning 'Fish Fight' campaign to Brussels.

Sparks fly at illegal harvest of delicacy

Electric shocks for clams split fishermen and marine experts

Scottish fishermen have designs on netting more profit

SCOTLAND'S prawn fishermen have joined forces with net manufacturers and designers in a bid to devise new trawling gear which will allow unwanted fish species to escape from their langoustine nets.

Guard tells of wall of smoke on death trawler

A HARBOUR security guard has told how he was beaten back by a wall of dense smoke as he tried to board a trawler on which the bodies of three fishermen were later found.

Seabed invader threat to west coast fisheries

A FEARED alien species which has caused serious damage to marine life across the globe is to be investigated by the Scottish Government.

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