Martin Flanagan: Lloyds faces a long haul to revival but it's a good start

LLOYDS Banking Group's annual results are a mixed bag. The bank made the heavy losses expected of it as HBOS's terminally gung-ho commercial real estate strategy remains a monkey on its new owner's shoulders in terms of billions of pounds of bad debts.

Comment: New man at London takes stock for a brighter 2010

NEW London Stock Exchange chief executive Xavier Rolet does not have his problems to seek. The notable fall in revenues and profits at the exchange is partly a result of new, cheaper rivals with electronic share-trading platforms eating the LSE's market share. Chi-X, Bats, to a lesser extent Turquoise...

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Scrutineer: Building up momentum

Barratt 248.2p +14.8p

Scrutineer: Preparing for the worst

HMV 115.5p -3.2p Hays 98.05p -1.75p

Scrutineer: Investors attracted to DSG

DSG 27.73p+0.74p Hargreaves Lansdown 245.7p-2.3p

Scrutineer: Long and short of recovery

THE latest raft of data makes clearer than ever that UK economic recovery is most likely to be pedestrian and spasmodic.

Scrutineer: Sad September myth helps hide good opportunities

STOCK market bulls and followers of the Efficient Markets Theory should take a holiday. For "Sad September" is almost upon us – the month that, for reasons that company analysts and disciples of chart analysis cannot explain – stock markets are susceptible to setback.

Scrutineer: National Express defiant

National Express 398.4p -10.2p Johnston Press 38p +3.25p

Scrutineer: Going's good for bookies

Paddy Power 19.81+0.81 Axis Shield 374.00p +29p

Scrutineer: Reasons to be cheerful

Cairn 2,586p -37p Punch 130.9p +23.3p

Scrutineer: Risks of Ventura's caution

Venture 843.5p +1p Petrofac 906.5pp -7p

Scrutineer: Never mind details, trusts happy with level of recovery

IS IT a 2003-style stock market rally? A 1933-style rally? or a 1975-style rally?

Scrutineer: Opportunity for upstarts

Lloyds 101.6p+0.4p Cineworld 158p -0.5p

Scrutineer: Bus firms hit bump in road

FirstGroup 356.2p +1.2p Stagecoach 138.9p-6.4p

Scrutineer: Private equity plots a steady course out of credit storm

INVESTORS who set sail on the private equity ship before The Great Storm broke must be clinging to their bunks and wondering when it is all going to end. I have good news and bad news: it won't, any time soon.

Scrutineer: Weather eye on retailers

Celtic FC 40.50p unch

Scrutineer: Insurers look brighter

Prudential 529.5p +51.2p

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