Scouts and Girl Guides

Scouts and Girl Guides

Scouts camp out at 10 Downing Street

A GROUP of Beaver and Cub Scouts qualified for a unique badge last night by camping out in the garden of 10 Downing Street.

From bagpipes to waterpipes as Scouts help Malawi counterparts

THE sun split the African sky, baking the ground to dust and warming the backs of the tired young Scots.

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Scouting on the crest of a new, female wave

WHEN Lord Robert Baden-Powell suggested his young Scouts "be prepared", it was assumed he merely wanted the lads joining his youth movement to keep alert and ready for any of life's eventualities.

Scotland the dyb-dyb-dyb capital of Britain

SCOUT troops are booming in Scotland with those in the north growing faster than any other part of the UK.

Scouts 'under threat' from council rent hikes

The future of the Scout movement is being threatened because of "enormous" rent increases by councils trying to raise revenue in the face of government spending cuts, it has warned.

Scout leader prepared for bush trial

A SCOUT leader is set to take part in a "bushtucker trial" when he travels to help the inhabitants of a remote village in Ghana.

Author Janie Hampton was taken aback by Girl Guides' pioneering ways and their grit in the face of two world wars

JESSIE RITCHIE was a wee mite of six, living in a tenement in Glasgow's east end. When her mum abandoned the family, her father bundled Jessie, Joan (one year older), and their baby sister into a handcart, flitting from one relation to the next trying to find them homes.

Was Scouting prepared for this? A surge in Scots teen membership

CLAD in khaki, they first kindled fire and camped under canvas more than 100 years ago. The Scouts, inspired by the young messengers of the Siege of Mafeking, during the Boer War, have triumphed in a more recent battle of attrition against once- falling numbers and a public perception of irrelevancy.

Scouts hope to lead youth of Britain on expedition to the polling station

IT'S a century-old organisation that has taught generations of Scots survival skills such as camping outdoors, building fires and tying knots.

Guiding girls through the decades

ANNE Mackintosh can still vividly recall the moment she unzipped her tent in the middle of a field one morning to discover that the campsite had been turned upside down. The culprits stood just metres away, munching on a patch of grass.

Scouts sound last post for Christmas delivery

FOR 25 years, it has been used by tens of thousands of people to deliver Christmas cards around Edinburgh and raise much- needed charity funds at the same time.

Be prepared for a shock: Scouting is also for girls

IT HAS been the quintessential boys' club throughout much of its history, founded with the book Scouting for Boys and teaching vital practical skills so youngsters can grow up to be "always prepared" young men.

Scout troop hits centenary

A SCOUT troop will celebrate its centenary with a special event at the Grosvenor Hilton tomorrow.

Tying knots? No, I'm doing parascending

WHEN Lord Robert Baden– Powell launched the Scout Association in the early 20th century, boys proved their worth by earning badges in knot-tying and campfire building.

Scouts deliver 350,000 cards

SCOUTS have sorted and delivered more than 350,000 Christmas cards in Edinburgh, after they were loaned a South Gyle warehouse.

Gang's all here for anniversary

SCOUTS and Guides from the Capital joined the first "Scottish Gang Show" to celebrate the movement's 100th anniversary.

Scouting for Games victory

HUNDREDS of scouts were taking part in a giant exercise class today as the 100-day countdown to Glasgow's Commonwealth Games bid announcement begins.

Scouts renew their promises

SCOUTS in Edinburgh will join those from groups across the globe to renew their Scout Promise next month.

Guide Emma flies the flag

A GIRL Guides leader is to represent Scotland at an international camp.

'Relative' of Scout founder missing

POLICE are investigating the disappearance of a woman believed to be a distant relative of Scout founder Lord Baden-Powell.

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