Winter woe for 2.5m homes as Scottish Power raises prices

Scottish Power has become the latest energy company to ramp up its prices, increasing bills for customers as winter starts to bite.

Fury as energy giant rules out burying massive power lines

SCOTTISHPower has decided not to bury part of the controversial Beauly-Denny powerline in a move campaigners have described as "farcical".

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ScottishPower to get share of £1bn carbon research fund

A SCOTTISH power station is expected to be given a share of tens of millions of pounds of government funding next week to develop technology for catching and storing carbon dioxide emissions.

Scots power firms avoid £100m charge for 'balancing'

ENERGY industry watchdog Ofgem has scrapped plans to increase charges faced by Scottish power companies to access the electricity grid.

ScottishPower profits rise 8% sparking customers' anger

A RISE in ScottishPower's full-year profits to £1.3 billion was yesterday branded indefensible as people struggled to afford to heat their homes despite falling wholesale prices.

'New era for North Sea' with CCS technology

BRITAIN sits on the cusp of a new chapter for the North Sea as it develops technology to clean up power station emissions, according to the boss of ScottishPower.

ScottishPower claims breakthrough

SCOTTISHPOWER is claiming a major breakthrough in the race to make coal-fired power stations cleaner, cutting the energy required to remove carbon from emissions by a third.

ScottishPower in running for clean coal deal

SCOTTISHPOWER has moved a step closer to winning £1 billion of government aid after German energy giant E.ON hinted that it will struggle to meet the deadline to build Britain's first clean coal plant.

Slide for Iberdrola as Spaniards switch off

IBERDROLA, the Spanish owner of ScottishPower, has blamed the sharpest fall in demand for electricity in 40 years for a 23 per cent fall in its first-half profits.

Ignacio Sanchez Galan interview: Scotland to remain in position of power

OUTSIDE the air-conditioned comfort of the Guggenheim, the temperature in Bilbao is soaring to a very pleasant, if slightly unseasonable, 27°C but the sunlight bouncing off the silver curves of the Frank Gehry-designed building seems to make things even hotter.

Low-carbon energy will hit customers in their pockets

HIGHER electricity bills will be the price people have to pay for the massive investment needed to equip Scotland with a modern low-carbon electricity generation and transmission system, Ignacio Galán, chairman and chief executive of Iberdrola, the Spanish owners of ScottishPower, signalled yesterday.

ScottishPower plans £500m power station

SCOTTISHPOWER has unveiled plans for a new gas-fired power station in Kent, capable of supplying electricity to more than 1.5 million homes.

High-profile additions to ScottishPower board

TWO high-profile Scots have been appointed to the board of ScottishPower.

Nuclear warning to SNP as Farmer joins the board of ScottishPower

ENTREPRENEUR Sir Tom Farmer has been appointed to the board of ScottishPower as its Spanish parent company, Iberdrola, moves to strengthen its position in Scotland.

Another power firm cuts prices

THE energy supplier ScottishPower yesterday became the latest company to cut gas and electricity prices.

Scottish Power becomes latest provider to cut energy prices

Energy supplier Scottish Power today became the latest firm to cut gas and electricity prices.

ScottishPower's Spanish quarter

SCOTTISHPOWER contributed 23 per cent of Iberdrola's operating profit in 2008, the Spanish energy giant said yesterday, as it reported a net profit of 2.86 billion (£2.53bn), a rise of 21.3 per cent.

ScottishPower owner issues £700m bonds

SCOTTISHPower owner Iberdrola yesterday raised nearly £700 million on the UK bond market. It said the move was designed to "optimise its liquidity levels for 2009 and adapt to future needs".

Parent praises Scottish Power's strong showing

IBERDROLA yesterday praised the performance of is ScottishPower subsidiary as it reported a net profit of 2.48 billion (£1.97bn) in the first three quarters of the year, but warned it may cut back investment.

Energy firms set to push prices up again

CONSUMERS are being warned to brace themselves for another punishing round of price increases by energy companies.

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