Scottish Liberal Democrats

Scottish Liberal Democrats

SNP victory in by-election keeps coalition in control

THE Liberal Democrat-SNP coalition has clung on to power in Edinburgh, after the Nationalists fought off a challenge from the Conservatives in a by-election.

Just 3% back Lib Dems in Scots poll

LIBERAL Democrat support in Scotland remains extremely low, a new poll has revealed.

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Lib Dem shock as councillor defects

A SENIOR Liberal Democrat councillor today announced she had quit the party and joined the SNP.

Dawe will stand again as shake-up boosts chances

CITY leader Jenny Dawe has confirmed that she will stand again in Edinburgh at next year's council elections - but the Liberal Democrat group is to have a shake-up in order to give her more chance of being re-elected.

Andrew Whitaker: The Inverclyde poll result could mark the start of the end for the Scottish Lib Dems

THE derisory 627 votes polled by the Lib Dems in the Inverclyde by-election will be widely viewed by the party's dwindling band of supporters as a low point in its modern history.

SNP plans to woo Lib Dems and take over town councils

SNP chiefs are orchestrating a grass-roots wooing of disillusioned Lib Dems in the hope they can persuade them to defect to the Nationalists in protest over the Cameron-Clegg coalition.

Letter: No thanks, Alex

In ASKING Liberal Democrats to join the SNP, Alex Salmond is no doubt seeking to divert attention from his own party's disappointing result in Inverclyde.

Come and join us in the Nationalists Lib Dem deserters tell ex-colleagues

A GROUP of former Liberal Democrat councillors who defected to the SNP have called on their former colleagues to join the Nationalists.

Inside politics: Former Labour voters helped the SNP to its Holyrood landslide – but will they deliver independence, too

HE OR she lives in East Kilbride, in the Aberdeen suburbs, in most of Glasgow. Doesn't much like the look of the Tory government in Westminster. Voted Labour last year when it was Cameron vs Brown.

'Crafty Alex' could end UK, warns Scottish Lib Dem leader

THE Scottish Liberal Democrat leader has warned that independence will become a reality unless more is done to highlight the costs of splitting up the United Kingdom.

Lib Dem leader resigns after SNP win

A LIBERAL Democrat council leader has resigned from his post following an SNP by-election win.

Booze campaign councillor is accused of drink-driving

A COUNCILLOR who helped launch a high-profile alcohol awareness strategy has quit her cabinet post days after being accused of drink-driving.

George Kerevan: Would you trust a promise made by a Lib Dem?

The SNP's mandate has forced Nick Clegg to dangle a fiscal carrot in front of Scots - but the stick is still there

Stuart Waiton: Turnaround shows a lack of any solid principles

The words politics and principles are two that don't sit very comfortably alongside one another today. So it will perhaps be of little surprise that the Liberal Democrats have done a U-turn on their opposition to increasing the price of alcohol. Having opposed this measure, proposed by the SNP last year, they have "hey presto" discarded their concern that the policy was ill-thought-out and discovered that minimum pricing is a great idea.

'We want a minimum alcohol price' - Lib Dems in U-turn on SNP policy

The new leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats has announced a policy U-turn by saying he will back renewed SNP plans to impose a minimum price for alcohol.

Lib-Dem Scottish campaign director dies suddenly at 43

The Liberal Democrats' campaign director for Scotland has died aged 43.

Letter: Help for Lib Dems

How may it be possible to bring about a revival in the fortunes of the Scottish Liberal Democrats?

Andrew Whitaker: The new leader of the Scottish Lib Dems should put clear blue water between himself and Nick Clegg

NEWLY-installed Scottish Lib Dem leader Willie Rennie has been landed with one of the most unenviable tasks in politics – trying to haul his battered party out of the political wilderness following its electoral drubbing on 5 May.

Slimmed down Lib Dems look on in langour as super-charged Big Eck flexes his muscles

ALEX Salmond flexed his strengthened political muscles at Holyrood as he set out his five-year vision for government in an SNP-dominated parliamentary chamber.

New leader of Scottish Lib Dems names team

NEWLY appointed Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie has announced the portfolios for his new team at Holyrood.

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