Scottish Labour Party

Scottish Labour Party

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Labour pushes referendum ‘clarity act’

WESTMINSTER may insist on a “Clarity Act” to define the terms of Scotland’s independence referendum, Labour sources said yesterday, as the tussle over the design of the historic vote intensified.


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Lucky for some? Labour’s 13 ‘Natbusters’

LABOUR has unveiled a new Westminster team aimed at winning back Scotland and seeing off the threat of an independence referendum as part of Ed Miliband’s reshuffle of his front-bench.


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C diff rises but levels stay low

CASES of Clostridium difficile in Scottish hospitals have risen, but remain at historically low levels, figures show.

2008 global financial crisis may be just the start, warns Brown

THE global financial collapse of 2008 may be just the "trailer" to a series of devastating international crises, former prime minister Gordon Brown has warned.

Analysis: The road to recovery is going to be a tough one

After the perfect storm, the damage assessment is the easy part. The challenges for Labour's review lie in the clean-up and future prevention.

Labour critics are warned over kneejerk reactions

FORMER Scottish secretary Jim Murphy has appealed for unity within Labour ranks as the party attempts to rebuild in the aftermath of its election rout at the hands of the SNP.

Brian Monteith: Time for our bungling unionists to sober up

Labour and Conservative leaders at Holyrood have for years been behaving like drunks in a brewery

Jackie Baillie may stand for Labour leader

Labour health spokeswoman Jackie Baillie has indicated that she could be ready to stand for the party leadership later this year.

Gerry Hassan: Divided Labour must look to a brave new future

After poll defeat, the party must stop seeking excuses and disown the politics of negativity that go back not weeks but decades says Gerry Hassan

MSPs sworn into new Scottish Parliament

MEMBERS of the Scottish Parliament - old and new - were sworn in today following the SNP's landslide victory in the Holyrood election last week.

Priest turned Labour MP David Cairns dies aged only 44

FORMER prime minister Tony Blair led the tributes to David Cairns, one of the most able Scottish politicians of his generation, who has died aged just 44.

Labour MP snubs Holyrood fight for holiday flight

SCOTTISH Labour MPs are demanding that one of their colleagues should be barred from standing for the party again after he decided to take a three-week holiday abroad instead of campaigning during the Holyrood election.

Ed Miliband: Scottish Labour won't cut off London again

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband has moved to exert his authority over the party in Scotland following the disastrous Holyrood election campaign.

Ian Swanson: Who will take the vacant leadership roles of the opposition parties

Wanted: Leaders for Scotland's three main opposition parties. Ian Swanson looks at some possible candidates.

Election update: Independence back to the fore | Post-debate analysis | Latest opinion polls

Our round-up of all the stories from the Holyrood election campaign trail, plus the picture of the day and political cartoon.

Iain Gray believes in policy before personality in attempt to trump Salmond card

THERE is more to being First Minister than glad-handing at the golf course. Iain Gray is in the middle of summing up what he thinks has been wrong about the way some people are treating this election campaign.

Ed Miliband tells Scots every vote will count

LABOUR leader Ed Miliband told Scottish voters that the Holyrood election could be decided by a "few hundred votes" and warned of a knife-edge contest.

Election update: Poll predicts SNP victory | Full disclosure on independence demanded | Miliband heads north

Our round-up of all the stories from the Holyrood election campaign trail, plus the picture of the day and political cartoon.

Election update: It's not over says Miliband | SNP slammed over Euro | Tavish hits out at Tories

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Labour gains support for key knife-crime pledge

SCOTTISH voters have offered their backing for a controversial Labour election policy to jail all those convicted of carrying a knife, a Scotsman poll has revealed.

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