Peter Geoghegan: What Scotland can learn from ‘Balkanisation’

COMMENT: Peter Geoghegan hits out at comments on the possible ‘Balkanisation’ of the UK after an independence vote.
In a piece for NewsNet Scotland, Geoghegan labels the term as an example of "dog whistle" politics, and suggests that problems in the region are caused by a wide range of factors rather than rivalries between the countries.

The longer any online discussion goes on, the greater the probability that someone will make a comparison involving Hitler or the Nazis. This maxim – known as ‘Godwin’s Law’ – is so widely accepted that it has even made it into the Oxford English Dictionary.
So today I would like to propose an #indyref equivalent: the longer any discussion about Scottish independence goes on, the greater the likelihood of someone adducing the Balkans.

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