Susan Evans: We need to talk about Keqiang

COMMENT: The endorsement of the UK by China’s premier Li Keqiang should provoke deeper consideration of parallels between the two countries, according to analyst and former Hong Kong resident Susan Evans.
Writing on Bella Caledonia, Evans posits that the Chinese and British models of governance have grown more alike in recent years, and that points out Li’s long-standing opposition to further powers for regions such as Tibet and Hong Kong.

Two years ago, David Cameron’s tête-a- tête with the Dalai Lama at St Paul’s Cathedral provoked China’s foreign ministry to accuse him of having “seriously interfered with China’s internal affairs” and “hurt Chinese feelings”.
Oddly enough, the UK’s media uniformly refused to spot the irony in the reversed situation this week, when Chinese premier Li Keqiang responded to a question on Scottish independence by saying that China wished to see a “strong, prosperous and united United Kingdom”. How things change.

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