Pat Kane: No vote would stifle Scotland

COMMENT: Writer, musician and Yes Scotland campaigner Pat Kane believes that voting ‘No’ in the independence referendum would "stifle" Scotland.
Kane – whose comment piece on JK Rowling’s intervention in the debate can be viewed here – believes that the referendum has produced a groundswell of political engagement which could be blown away with a ‘No’ vote as the general, more mundane business of day-to-day politics returns.

“Yes or No, as a result of this referendum, Scotland has changed for ever. People have woken up – and they’ll stay awake, whatever the outcome.” I’ve heard variants of this sentiment among many of my pro-independence friends over the last few months.
This doesn’t just come from the mouths of the young and fearless, sparkling their way through the plethora of Yes initiatives and projects. It’s also from some real veterans and operators. They’re amazed to be out almost every night of the week, preaching to healthily filled halls across the airts and pairts.

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