Madeleine Bunting: Independence on the minds of Scottish islanders

COMMENT: The Guardian’s Madeleine Bunting visits the Outer Hebrides, and finds islanders and visitors divided on Scottish independence.
Bunting reports that "the one thing I’ve learnt from all these conversations is that you can rarely guess from their age or disposition what someone’s view will be."

It was clear the minute I drove off the ferry on Barra in the Outer Hebrides. A massive yes sign beside the one signpost on the tiny island greeted new arrivals.
It’s been a similar story all along my journey through the island chain, researching a book on England and Scotland’s relationship. Yes signs propped up on garden fences, leaning on lobster pots and sitting in fields, nibbled by sheep.
The mainland visitors appear to be as enthusiastic about independence as the islanders.

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